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Real Estate Advertising

*New website elements!

Heather Woody

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Real Estate Advertising

Real Estate
The Digital Sticky
This ad shows up on the home page on TD.com (approximately 53K per day)
It appears for 7 seconds and disappears
This is a great opportunity to increase traffic to your website or to list a luxury property

The Expandable Pencil
Expanding Pencil banners are located on the index page (homepage) of the Timesdispatch.com site & Richmond.com site just below the navigation bar .

They expand from a thin (pencil-like) ad to their full ad depth when the cursor rolls over the right side of the pencil. They can also be scheduled to run on every page throughout the site.

They are clickable and will redirect traffic to any given URL.

Animation appears like this:
Interstitial Ad
Command attention with this impactful type of digital advertising.
The ad displays for 7 seconds to every unique visitor and blacks out the rest of the screen, prior to loading page content.
As with all of our digital ads, when clicked, viewers are directed to any web/splash/landing page of your choice

MLS Banners
Breaking Ground Digital Magazine
A great way to promote new homes in a digital format
Heavily promoted on TimesDispatch.com and Richmond.com through digital sticky notes, interstitial ads and banners
The magazine is also housed under new homes under real estate of both TimesDispatch.com and Richmond.com
Visitors can read your advertorial and then click through to your website
Runs within the MLS listings for 30 days
Only 6 positions available
Provides high visibility
Set yourself apart with a high impact branding campaign that will lure buyers & sellers

Homes Showcase is much like the popular Billboard ads on the real estate home page
Features 5 positions
Runs at the top of the MLS listings
Provides high visibility
Set your homes apart
Make your sellers happy
Use this as a key part of your listing package

Homes for Sale Rotator-New!
Mobile Site
These are the various sizes currently available for mobile web. Ad size used is based on phone screen size.

Spotlight listings-NEW
The Spotlight Listing runs for up to 30 days* 
Target specific zones
Feature your homes at the top of a specific zone
Set your homes apart from your competition
Let potential sellers know that you specialize in a particular geographic area
Use this as a key part of your listing package
(If the house sells before 30 days, it’s removed from MLS.)

Welcome Page
*Ad appears as the welcome page billboard in rotation with other ads
Covers entire real estate welcome page

The ads are designed to be placed at the top, bottom and sides of our web pages
The ads can include flash so they are animated

Runs within the MLS listings for 30 days
Only 6 positions available
Provides high visibility
Set yourself apart with a high impact branding campaign
Target customers looking to buy or sell a home

New Homes Rotator-New!
Mortgage Calculator
Timesdispatch.com Mobile generates
over 250,000 page views a month

1 out of 3 mobile users get their news on their phone
Only one ad per page increases visibility
Ads can show up as interstitials (full screen), Leaderboard or within the news feed on our mobile Apps
Mobile web is a simplified version of our sites, scaled down to fit the screens of mobile handsets better than full web sites. Mobile web offers almost all of the features full web does, and is great for on-the-go news

Only 4 spaces available per month
The opportunity rotates on each page as you search
Market yourself to buyers
and selllers

Each day the Richmond Times-Dispatch sends out a Daily Headline of up-to-date, relevant articles to opted-in subscribers. This Daily Headline contains one digital banner ad position.
Daily pushes
120,000+ opt in subscribers
22% open/read rate
Average 6% click-through rate
$400 per day/ $7,000 per month

Our Daily Headlines Email Newsletter is offered for both Richmond.com and TimesDispatch.com
Launch your message directly to your customers’ inboxes
Reach 120,000+ subscribers!
Email produces sales – it’s a great way to drive customer traffic to your store or website
Delivered to approximately 120,000+ opt-in subscribers to our deals, promotions and events emails
Our email averages 14% to 18% open rate

Real Estate Site on Richmond.com is linked directly from TimesDispatch.com
Work It, Richmond
Small-medium size business E-Newsletter
Contains original content daily as well as aggregated content
Distributed to 15,000 subscribers Monday – Friday
Title banner positions & 300 x 250 banner positions available
Banners will run both daily on the E-Newsletter & monthly on the website
Website generates over 25,000 page views per month

No shared email – you own the entire email
A great way to provide a link to your website – may include multiple links
Choose your subject line and the day & time of delivery
“Social Share” buttons allow recipients to share the offer on Twitter and Facebook
Our creative team can build your email graphics or you may submit your own
Campaign reporting helps you track results
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