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Copy of Cipla

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on 27 December 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Cipla

Acquisition by SunPharma

Pharma Sector in India
PESTEL Analysis
Cipla Financials
Sun Pharma
PEER Analysis
P/E 213.81

P/S 8.57


P/B 15.07

EV/EBITA 112.59
Sun Pharma is currently at the first position in ahead of Lupin Ltd (2nd position) and Cipla ltd (3rd position) in this sector.

Sun pharma which is zero debt company which is very aggressive in nature who already had done over 10 acquisition in past will be keen to takeover cipla ltd which is growing company for its future prospect, growth and expansion.

At the same time it will help to increase its strong presence in India and Global Trade.

Introduction to Pharma Sector
Sector Structure
The domestic pharma market has reported total sales of Rs 6,370 crore (US$ 1.03 billion) in the month of May 2013, registering a growth of 6.8 per cent, as per IMS Health
The cumulative drugs and pharmaceuticals sector has attracted foreign direct investments (FDI) worth US$ 11,304.91 million during April 2000 to April 2013,
Current scenario

Pharmaceutical exports from the country during 2012-13 stood at US$14.6 billion, up from US$13.2 billion the previous year.

There will be new drug launches, new drug filings, and Phase II clinic trials throughout the year.
Growth in chronic therapies and a greater penetration in rural markets, the domestic pharmaceutical market is expected to register a strong double-digit growth of 13-14 per cent in 2013.
Sun Pharma
Sun Pharma has been the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies.
It was promoted by Dilip Sangvi with the aim of manufacturing pharmacetucial formulations.
The major segment that the company concentrates are on the niche segments such as psychiatry,cardiovascular,gastroentology & neurology.
Sun Pharma that have a strong chronic product basket grew at a much faster pace of 18.4%.
Global economic crisis.
Reduction in pharma growth.
Increasing number of buying groups putting pressure on pricing.

Changes to advertising laws.
Increased litigation.
Global inconstancies.

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces, and markets drugs or pharmaceuticals licensed for use as medications.

Pharmaceutical companies are allowed to deal in generic and or brand medications and medical devices.

India is now among the top five pharmaceutical emerging markets globally.

Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
Ability to launch new products with great speed & consistency.
Strong brand presence in India and US markets.
Growth rate doubled that of industry as whole.
Stiff competition from many Indian and other global brands
Limited presence in emerging markets and European countries

The company has made ANDA's in USA.
Greater opportunity for growth.
They can increase their presence in

Entry of foreign players
More acquisition may lead to a stage of financial crunch
Growing political focus and pressure on healthcare.
Global governments looking for healthcare savings.
Harmonization of healthcare across Europe.

Patient awareness, changing expectations.
Increasing age of population and growth in obesity.
Public activism is also increasing.

New info and Comms technologies.
Customized treatments.
Direct to patient advertising.

Growing environmental agenda and community awareness.

Sun Pharma Financials
It was incorporated in 1935 by Khwaja Abdul Hamied.
On August 17, 1935, it was registered as a public limited company with an authorised capital of Rs 6 lakhs.
Today, the company has its facilities in Mumbai, Goa, Patalganga, Kurkumbh, Bangalore, and Vikhroli.
It has an extensive export market and regularly exports to more than 150 countries.

It has won the Forbes Asia's 'Best Under A Billion' List and the Most Profitable Company from Forbes Magazine.

Strong employee force of over 16,000
Developed good positive image by providing drugs at low cost to cancer patients

Strong competition from international and domestic giants

Increased investment in the budding markets, to push expansion in the global economy


Constant price rises in the Indian country.
The Indian Rupee depreciated a ot as compared to the US Dollar.

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