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How alcohol affects males and females differently

Karen Macdonald-Smith

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Alcohol

Males vs. Females
Alcohol affects males
and females differently.
What is it?
Ethyl alcohol (ethanol)
is produced when fruits,
vegetables and grains ferment,
or it can be man-made.
This is the type of alcohol found in alcoholic drinks
Slows brain activity
Signs of Alcohol Poisoning
no pain response
irregular breathing (respirations below 9 breaths per minutes; normal is 12-20 per minute)
pulse below 50 and continuously dropping (normal 60-100)
cold, clammy blue skin low body temperature
inability to be awakened
vomiting without waking up
One 150 ml glass of wine
One 355 ml bottle of beer
40 ml of spirits (whiskey, vodka,
rum, scotch etc.)
What is a Standard Drink?
Which signs of alcohol poisoning is she showing?
What is the responsible thing to do when you find someone passed out? You have 10 seconds to find a partner and discuss this question for the next three minutes. Ready...go!
FX of Alcohol on Guys
slows down the functioning of the central nervous system
FX of Alcohol on Girls
pink and red show
brain activity
Energy Drinks + Alcohol
Bad Combo
Mini Kegs – Heineken, Molson Canadian, Rickard’s Red…
• Commonly sold in 5L mini kegs at 5% alcohol
• 5000 ml = 14 beer
similar to standard beer (slightly stronger)
• Difference = typically shot-gunned (drank as fast as possible)
Cold Shot
equal to approximately 3.5 beers (in volume)
Equal to approximately 4.5 standard drinks (alcohol content)
Increases chances of binge drinking due to the size of the bottle
Colt 45

500 ml = 1 Rockstar, Monster and Full Throttle
500 ml = 2 Red Bull
1 Jag Bomb (Jagermeister & Red Bull) = 0.5 can of Red Bull (125 mL)
1 Cherry Bomb (Cherry Vodka & Red Bull) = 1.0 can of Red Bull (250 mL)
King Cans commonly 720 ml
•1 king can = 2 beers or 2 standard drinks
King Cans
Mini Kegs
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