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Digestive system

No description

pk lor

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Digestive system

Steak Steak is a complete protein that has all essential amino acids (for Humans) that are present in the same proportion that they occur in animals. By: Pakou L, Kong L, mykala G. samarah Digestive System How it Breaks Down By breaking down the peptide bonds in between the individual amino acids, the protein will be chopped. what helps digest steak? our teeth and saliva breaks down the food that enters the esophagus and the goes to the stomach. Large protein chains are broken down by gastric protease( pepsin) to form large polypeptides. then they are broken down by pancreatic protease ( trypsin) into smaller peptides. They are then further broken down by peptidase into the simplest form amino acids. As steak enters the stomach where it is broken down by the acid and enzymes. Once it reaches the small intestines the enzymes from the pancreas help to break it down further into individual amino acids and takes out the nutrients. When waste enters the large intestines the watery part of the waste is then removed and only the solid remain. since our bodies can't use them, we have to get rid of them
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