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My Autobiography

The Autobiography of Derek Stanley

Derek Stanley

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of My Autobiography

The End! The autobiography of
Derek Stanley I was raised on a farm in Meaford, near Walters Falls by Derek and Wendy Stanley.
I am the oldest of two sons. Born in Owen Sound
on February 22,1999 My brother is Charles. Define myself they say... a christian an athlete a musician a nerd I am what you may call (or probably won't call) "a six foot tall assortment of almost everything, and more." Just your average not-so-average Being Different For me, it was when I got my hands on my first book. I was ensnared Reading became what I did most and best. I learned more and more of everything and I could read at a far higher level than is expected of someone my age. I While I was 1 to 8 years old, I had more than my share of adventures. From running around the barn to digging tunnels in the 6 foot tall snow drifts, we definitely had fun! One of my most exciting adventures was when, on a regular day my dad called me to do some regular chores. I was throwing straw down a hole in the upstairs of the barn with the help of a pitchfork to my dad who was downstairs . Some straw got stuck in the hole- not out of the ordinary- so I pushed down on the fork with all my weight. If you ask me, that's never a good idea; but being the 7 year old I was I did it. Two things happened next. First, the straw went down the hole. next, I fell down with it.

Falling while thinking you are going to die because of something dumb you did, feels weird. It was both slow motion and instantaneous... I first, when I started to fall, thought about how I was about to die. I then was laying on my back on a pile of straw I'd thrown down. Right after the fall I got up, wiped straw off my back and said "hi" to my dad. He decided we had done enough work. Don't let anyone say that a good work ethic will do you no good, it saved my life. Everyone is unique in their own way, mostly from when they were young. a student a son a brother a teacher If I was not working faster than my dad, I would not be here. God saved me I fell in a irregular pattern onto an unusually shaped pile of straw shaped perfectly to save my life. My answer? After 8 years of equally crazy happenings was The Move. It was to Port Elgin. Way bigger school, different people, and the noise were some of the big changes. The biggest though was going from a 150 acre farm to less than a single acre of land. After adjusting to the changes and making some friends I flourished academically, After settling down in the new house, I really started to flourish: in academics, in athletics, and in music. Even though going from Dr. Dodge ball to real drills and exercises was hard at first, I coped. The music was harder. I had only played a piano for 3 years and now I was being taught a wind instrument. Even then, being the guy I am I went for the French Horn- probably the hardest instrument they had there! Despite the difficulties, I did the best I could, and by the end of my time in that school (gr.7) I played at our high school's gr. 9 level. In Port Elgin, some of my favourite things to do were:
get the guy (Evan) down the road to have a Nerf battle with us
go down to the beach
play 21 or any game involving basketball Then came the next move. In and amidst my own plans came forth those of God. It started with me talking about St. Mary's and bouncing around the idea of me going there. Then suddenly we were buying a house in Owen Sound a year before I would even be going to St Mary's! This is where the past becomes the present. Now a new chapter begins and is yet to be written in the life of Derek Stanley. I don't know what my future holds in Owen Sound, No one can know their future. All you can do is live it out.
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