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3 Steps for Better Yearly Goals

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Miguel Ortiz

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of 3 Steps for Better Yearly Goals

3 Goals Think Add Numbers To It Have Fun Think of areas where you would like or need to improve.
Make a list, mind map or spreadsheet. Whatever you feel more comfortable with.
Don't worry about limitations, time, money...
Think BIG! Focus Narrow down your goal list using:
side quests
challeng'iness A goal is not specific enough until it has 3 numbers attached to it: It is exciting to make decisions on all you can accomplish in one year and very rewarding as you start completing each goal. Each little win gives you fuel for the next one.

As I completed my goals in previous years, I noticed how these wins changed me into a better person. Through the process you get to meet people, experience new things and learn about yourself.

It has improved me as a person, my health, and my relationships with others. I hope it continues and that you have similar experiences as well.

Have Fun! Steps for better Yearly BIG! Don't Limit Yourself List everything you would like to do, learn, explore. It doesn't matter if it is for work, personal, family, fitness or hobby. List it all. It is a lot easier to really prioritize what's important to you, once it is on "paper." Use a Mindmap I love mindmaps. I'm a very visual person and it allows me to throw everything out there and worry about organizing and relationships later. It allows me to improvise, visualize and bounce ideas. String Goals Together
for Yr to Yr Improvements Look at previous goals that you have enjoyed and come up with related challenges that can help you improve. Complete a
100 mile Ride Complete a
Metric Century
in 4 hrs. Race
Road Cycling Go Up in
Category Race
Cyclocross 2011 2012 2013 Categories This is not meant to be very structure. The idea is to group your list of goals in to a manageable form. Lifting 2x
My Weight Running
a 5K Fitness Saving for a
European Vacation Finances Side Quests Side Quests are mini goals that can be linked to your main goals.
They are meant to keep your year long road map interesting.
You do not fail if you don't achieve your Side Quests, but you enrich your main goal experience. Fitness Finances Running a 5K Chat with
local Athletes Join a
local club Saving for a European Vacation Taking a
French Class Study Travel
Photography Priorities Reality kicks in. Most probably you will not have time to complete all of your goals listed in the previous steps.
Come up with a reasonable amount and take into consideration that some goals will take longer than others.
I did 3 goals last year and I have 6 this year.
If your goal will take longer than a year to complete, consider if it is realistic or if it needs to be simplified. Fitness Running a 5K Lifting 2x My Weight Finances Saving for a
European Vacation P1 P2 Lifting 1x My Weight Challeng'iness Choose goals that will challenge you, make you better and push you to a place in which you'll learn something about yourself.
That said, be realistic. If you have never ran before it will be really hard for you to complete an Ultra Marathon, an IronMan and depending on your current health even a regular marathon.
You don't always have to do more of the same to make it challenging, just do it faster. For example, if you can complete a marathon, try qualifying for Boston.
Want a more systematic approach? Give a score to each goal depending on how challenging it is. Try not to burn yourself out by picking only the most challenging tasks. You may be setting yourself for failure. Challeng'iness =
Personal difficulty Level of each goal. Running a 5K Complete the Keep Austin Weird 5K
on June 23'rd in 30 minutes. Distance Time Date Saving for a
European Vacation Save $417 monthly in order to complete $5K total by December 31'st, 2013 Some times you can get away with 2, but the key point is to make your goals as specific as possible. Making it easier to plan for and to know when your are done. by Miguel's 6 By Miguel Ortiz
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