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Texas Revolution 1836

No description

Carl Zachary

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Texas Revolution 1836

The Texas Revolution 1835-1836
It started with the battle of Gonzales on October 2nd, 1835 and ended with the battle of San Jacinto on April 21st, 1836.
Cause #1
The American settlers claimed land in Texas that the Mexicans hadn't yet, therefore they had to adapt to Mexican culture, in which they didn't.
Tensions were already between the Americans and the Mexicans after the Americans settled in Texas, as the Mexicans believed that they were the rightful owners.
The Mexicans didn't like slavery, and the Americans brought slaves.
Texas declared independence in March of 1836, which was what the Americans wanted, and stayed independent until 1845, when they became a part of the United States.
There was a constitution in 1824 that was ridden of because of the Americans, which gave the federal court more power that the Mexicans didn't want.
Texas had economic ties with the US- it was easier for Americans to sell goods at New Orleans rather than travel through the desert to sell it in Mexico.
The American settlers wanted statehood for Texas because it was half of the state of Coahuila y Texas, not all Mexico.
The Americans outnumbered the Mexicans by a long shot-about 4 to 1, which the Mexicans didn't like.
The Americans had a belief called "Manifest Destiny", which stated that anybody that owns any land between the Atlantic and the Pacific should leave for the "rightful owners" (the Americans) to own their rightful land.
Cause #3
CaUsE #4
Immigrants caused problems within Texas , therefore the Mexicans didn't want them, but the Americans did.
A form of propaganda.
Another form of propaganda.

Stephan F. Austin
A man who was a major leader during the Texas Revolution and went to jail in Mexico City for fighting off Comanche attacks, selling goods, and leading settlers west.
Cause #5
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
Declared himself president of Mexico and was the head of a major army in the war, but was captured and was forced to sign Texas independence treaties.
CAusE #6
Texas Revolution
Cause #8
Economic, social, and political
Created by:
Sedric Marshall, Arianna Cesario, Stephen Zachary, Kaylee Canup, and Nia Hall
the end!
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