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Morning Classes

No description

Summer Academy

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Morning Classes

“Dream House”
I worked really hard to make my dream house!
I included many things that I always dreamed of in my dream house.
Brendan Brooks
“Dream House”
It is 7,000+ sqft!
Alex Casciotti
“Dream House”
I had a lot of fun during this project. I made a floor plan and a front elevation on grid paper. I also made a model.
Jack Einstein
We made the floor plans then we made copies and put them on poster board. We then built them.
I made a European style house / apartment.
Joe Piccolo
“Dream House”
I liked it because it is small for a single person or couple. Not complicated or efficient.
Cameron Merrill
“A Modern Home”
The petting zoo is a floor higher than my house.
Jacob Garry
“Dream Home”
I had a lot of fun. First we used grid paper to create a floor plan, and then we made a front view of the house, and then we built the model.
Sophia Bronchetti
“Sophia’s House”
My house has the regular aspects of a house like a kitchen, family room, dining room, etc., but I added some personal touches like a lacrosse field in my basement and a ballet barre with gymnastics mats. The inspiration for my house was the website Excel homes.
“Dream House”
I took foam board and cardboard to create my 3-D model. To make the 3-D model I had to create a floor plan. In my 3-D model there are many rooms like a living room and man-cave.
Lucas DiPieta
“My Dream House”
I first designed out my plan on blueprints.
The, I glued them to foam core, cut the layouts out, and then, using the cardboard, I taped on the wall.
I am expressing my vision of a dream house.
Evan Griffin
“Evan’s Dream House”
I drew an idea of what it would look like on the inside and outside.
Andrew Giakoumis
“My Dream Mansion”
I created my dream mansion by drawing floor plans for the first and second floors, and elevations of the front, back and side of the mansion. I then created my three-dimensional model using a copy of my floor plans and elevations, foam-board, and cardboard. My favorite room in my mansion is the library, and the mansion is located in the Hamptons.
Claire Young
“Animal Shelter”
I made a floor plan of an animal shelter because I love animals. I tried to design it so the animals, employees, and adopters will be comfortable.

Richard Sitterly
“My Dream Sanctuary”
I drew a house and used it as a reference for my model.
Sean Fitzgerald
“Floor Plan”
My favorite room is the library.
Isabel Rodriguez
“A House You Can Live In”
It was basically a concept of simplicity. Simple, simple, simple. I created a 640 sqft rectangular home with one floor and a basement. Inside the walls were compact to provide a cozy feel. I don’t really recommend it if you are claustrophobic.
Colby Kromrey
I made a floor plan then made the house out of cardboard. In my house I have a big porch and a pavilion.
Katie Williams
I created a shoe with retractable cleats and cooling crystals to allow maximum performance in all sports. I used color pencil and marker to create the piece.
Jamie Helinski
The sneaker makes you go faster. There are pop-out whiskers
and a back foot-support designed as ears to
guarantee that you will win any race.

Clara Zonis
“Sneaker Design & Logo”
Through my art I am showing my knowledge of mythology mixed with the project at hand. Ares is the Greek god of war, just as Nike is the goddess of victory.
Jonathan Van De Loo
“Globally Perfect Shoe”
I came up with the idea of a sneaker with a GPS in the heel when I thought of how convenient it would be to be able to know where you have been and to be able to get directions to somewhere. I feel that the logo conveys that you’ll never be lost no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have this sneaker.
Alyssa Schweigert
“Brite Shoes”
I like this project because of the creativity we could put in and how we had to think of cool ideas for the sneaker. I like my logo because it goes along well with my sneaker function.
Carly Smith
“Alphabet Design and Personal Logo”
I often practice drawing different types of font at home so this was helpful to draw my alphabet. I did a Paris theme because I wanted to do something different than something ordinary like a sport or hobby.
Grace Keefe
“Bolt Energy Drink”
I thought about an energy drink that would make you faster, so I used the name Bolt. I wanted my logo to stand out so I used bright yellow.
Jacob Rosenberg
An idea I had combined my interest and
love for challenging the human mind.
Emilie Ravena
Creating the name for the sneaker company was one of
the hardest parts of the project.
After I figured that out, it was easier
to create the design and function of the sneaker,
which is to teleport you wherever you want.

Phillip Proper
“Sneaker Project”
I chose the sneaker design and logo because it was
the most interesting to me.
I designed the shoe with what needs I thought I would like to have.

Justin Pulver
“Sneaker Project”
I thought it would be a cool thing to see in stores.
Victoria Konicki
“The Oddball”
Fun to make and learn about.
Kevin Silver
It was fun to make!
Tanner Williams
Just had fun!
Kate Carbone
“Purple Monstrosity”
This was a very fun piece to make because I got to use tools
I never had used before.
“Splatter Circles”
It matches my room. It’s my favorite color. It’s splatter paint.
Anthony Gorman
I was going to make an axe, but then it was too hard.
So I was going to make a bat, but I ran out of duct tape.
So I made a sword instead.
It is made out of wire and duct tape.
I liked my wood piece better.
Ty Struzinsky
“Plaster Sculpture”
“Pink Rhino”

Julie Robert
“Cookie Monster Cookie Jar”
I created this piece of art by making a clay pinch-pot,
adding handles, and adding eyes.
Emma Whalen
My art process was to make the piece curvy and keep cutting away at it until I thought it had an equal amount of
negative and positive space.
Chris Rambo
“Wood Art”
I soaked wood in buckets of water for starters. We then nailed the pieces down and then riveted a bunch of them together. I am expressing happiness.
Lindsey Sharer
“Black Splatter”
I didn’t know what to do at first, but it just came to be.
Abigail Wood
“Dragon Pot”
I created the Dragon Pot to be a pinch-pot made out of clay. I took some of the remaining clay and created the dragon. I had to carefully place everything so it wouldn’t fall off once we were done.
To create the pot you had to pinch it. In my design I created an anchor and a starfish and I did this to create an ocean theme.

Mary McGuiness
It is a plaster sculpture with a purple and black wash.
Emily Leffingwell
I chose this piece because I liked the way it came out and how I painted the base.
Max Powers
We soaked strips of wood in water to make them flexible and then we bent the wood into shapes we wanted and connected it to the stand. Finally we painted it.

Jacquelyn Fitzgerald
I first started in a bucket, and then I carved it into the finished product. My original idea of what it would look like didn’t look like what I came out with, but the finished product I was happy with.

Brian Ganeles
To make this piece we started out by making the holes with clay cylinders. We put these in buckets and filled them with plaster. We removed the clay when the plaster was dry and we hacked away at it until we ended up with the finished product.
When this picture was taken the paint was still wet.
Julia Azarian-Kozer
“My Face”
I think I did the best I could on my art piece and I think this is one of my favorite art pieces I ever made.
Samantha Cossart
“The Ocean Collection”
I made my outfits on copied papers on pictures I drew, and then I glued them to a pink paper.
Molly DeMarco
“Minnie Mouse Fashions”
Minnie Mouse is a great character and deserves a fashion line!
Hannah Curran
“The Bright and Summery Collection”
My line is based on summer and all the bright colors it has. Some inspirations for the line were the ocean, tropical flowers, and all around bright colors.
Mary Liebers
I started by drawing the basic shape of Lauren wearing the blue dress. Next, I drew the smaller details like the pleats in the dress, and then I painted the drawing with water colors.
Natalie Russo
“Ideal Dreams”
I am expressing someone having a dream and dreaming up these pieces into reality.
Maria Beaton
I started Drawing Lauren then changed a few details, and liked the mystery and perspective. I really like how the lines flow out into nothing, supporting the mysterious look.
Nieve St.James
“Flora and Fauna”
This piece of art shows that flora and fauna aren’t always so bright and cheery.
Maggie Allen
“Blue Dress”
I looked at a model while drawing the piece. It was lots of fun.
I took a lot of time on the details of the dress.
Hannah Rose
“Girl in Blue”
I drew Lauren being a model.
Megan Futterman
“Lauren in Blue”
I took inspiration while watching our model, Lauren. We all loved the pretty color of the dress so I worked hard mixing watercolors to get the right blue.
Katlyn Lloyd
I used flower to create three outfits.
Teresa Rici
“Zebra Lace” & “Red Dress”
I chose to make this because I like zebra print and lace.
The red dress was drawn outside.
Sarah Cohen
I am expressing my love for ravens and “The Raven.”
I am trying to show the beauty of a long underrated bird.
Christina Martin
“Beautiful Bows”
When we were told to think of an inspiration I immediately thought of bows. I started sketching ideas of clothing that teenage girls would wear. I chose this piece because I felt it was my best creation through this process.
Zahira Munroe
“Lady in Coral Dress”
My class and I went outside and drew a girl in a coral dress.
I really didn’t like it at first, but now I’m starting to love it.
Mandy Diodato
“Blue Lady”
I created this piece by drawing
Lauren modeling in a blue dress.
Noreen Mian
I used pink, orange, and mint green in all of my outfits.
I included multiple bows in each outfit because I love bows.
Abeer Jafri
“Pastel Prints”
I made a print that had different colored flowers.
I put the print in a different article of clothing on each model.
Gianna Mamone
“The Collar”
I based my first art piece on an outfit I had once worn.
I went off of that.
I am expressing a classy outfit you can wear on a casual basis.
Future Artists!
Summer Academy 2013

Fashion Illustration
Graphic Design
Digital Photography
Coming Soon!
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