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La Navidad en Cuba vs. Christmas in America

Discover the similarities & differences of La Navidad and Christmas!

Little Fayette

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of La Navidad en Cuba vs. Christmas in America

Meals are provided in honor of the holiday...even if they aren't big.
La Navidad vs. Christmas
Similarities, Differences, & Traditions!
Customs of Christmas in America:
In America, there are no bells signifying the midnight transition into Christmas Day. This is because Christmas Day is more important than Christmas Eve to most citizens.
Common foods eaten on Christmas Day: Ham, Turkeys, Rolls, Salads, Drinks, and Desserts. Foods vary from house to house.
Most Americans can afford to decorate their homes and cook a large meal.
Fake or real trees are placed in homes, and presents are laid under the trees on Christmas Eve or Day.
Customs Of...
These are customs and traditions commonly carried out during La Navidad en Cuba that are DIFFERENT from America's customs and traditions!
La Navidad Food:
Pork, apple cider, beans,
& bananas,
Not many Cubans can afford to cook a big meal & decorate.
Midnight masses are held to show Christmas Eve turning to Christmas day.
La Navidad has only been celebrated for 3 years in Cuba!
Let's dive into what La Navidad and Christmas are like for citizens of Cuba and America. They both share differences, similarities, and traditions.
Both countries celebrate with family & friends.
Citizens can buy commercialized Christmas decorations in stores.
Citizens celebrate in honor of Jesus' birth.
Both types of citizens, if they are Church-Goers, attend a Christmas Eve service.
Church bells ring in Havana once it passes midnight.
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