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Things grad students should know about online presence. I'm a Ph.D. student in Ecology at Utah State University. These are a few easy things grad students can (and should) do to maintain a positive online presence.

Sarah Supp

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of OnlinePresence

1. Do good science
2. Promote your stuff
3. Be helpful to others

Online Presence
What does your online
presence say about you?
Upload your
Git Hub
Citable doi for all your code, data and presentations
Journals want published code anyway
Publicly searchable
Add to your C.V.
Added bonus of version control!
Personal Website
Don't wait until you are getting ready to graduate
"My Research" page
Link to a blog/news page
Think about basic communication goals
Have a message & audience in mind
Avoid clutter (i.e. too many words, tmi)
Free options (google sites, wordpress, academia.edu)
Google Scholar Profile
Keeps track of citations,
including non-peer
reviewed publications
(i.e., abstracts, figshare)

Automatically updates

Create it and forget
about it!
Can be really useful!
Separate personal and scientific profiles
Unlike facebook, it's not "weird" to follow people you don't know personally
follow hashtags (#rstats, #ESAus2012, #snakesonaplane, #USUEcologyCenter)
Virtually "attend" conferences
Discover: meetings, literature, tools, people
Share negative results!
Stuff that didn't make it into your thesis!
Presentations/posters from conferences
It all comes with a citable doi - CV booster!
I don't have anything to say:
blog about your papers
your favorite animal
policies you care about
skills/toolkits you learned how to use
your frustrations with being a graduate student
blog with friends/labmates
Comment on other blogs!
http://snakesarelong.blogspot.com/ - about a taxonomic group*
http://theaveragevisitor.wordpress.com/about/ - research & policy*
http://portalproject.wordpress.com/ - field work*
http://earlycareerecologists.wordpress.com/ - navigating career path*
http://teaching.software-carpentry.org - building/teaching tools*
http://dynamicecology.wordpress.com - critical discussion
*includes grad student author(s)!
the amazingly cute octocat!
Everything is connected: Positive feedback loop
How do I get started?
1. Do good science
Nothing takes the place of good work.
Networking is good, but don't let it dominate your time.
2. Start small. Pick one thing to try first. Add others later
Set up a Google Citations Profile. Make it public.
At least make sure you have a presence on your departmental website.
Join Twitter. Follow 10 people, check once a day. Don't try to read everything.
Find 3 blogs relevant to you. Lurk around, make a comment.
If you have a blog, try to blog at least 1/month
Put your old presentations, unpublished figures, datasets from field work on Figshare
Put code you wrote for published papers on GitHub (use GitHub for Windows - super easy)
Promotes and shares...
links to...
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