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Terrorism and Insurgency

No description

David Faris

on 3 January 2019

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Transcript of Terrorism and Insurgency

Nationalist Terror
Ernest Gellner:
is primarily a political principle that holds that the political and the national unit should be congruent.
Nationalist terror
therefore seeks
to use violence to achieve the congruity
of state and (perceived) nation.
Max Weber:
The state
is "a human
community that successfully claims
a monopoly on the legitimate use
of violence."
Nationalist terror is thus distinctly
inasmuchas you believe that both the state and the nation
are modern
Nationalist terror has taken
two primary forms
Anti-colonial violence
(mostly) European colonial
forces (i.e. in Algeria against
the French)
Anti-state violence
nationalist groups opposed to
the post-colonial/post-war
settlement in some state or
states (i.e. Chechens against
the Russian state)
Still from "The Battle of Algiers"
Anti-colonial violence
has tended to be the more
successful venture
Fromkin: Anti-colonial violence
did not generally threaten the existence
of the target state
Ideological Terror
Violence perpetrated in
pursuit of some ideological
(i.e. non-national)
goal, traditionally left or right
Red Army Faction (RAF)
German but it's German-ness
was not part of its appeal - it was
anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist
Gudrun Ensslin of the RAF
Ideological terrorist movements
have been almost uniform failures
States rightly perceive their
existence and legitimacy to
be threatened and respond

Propaganda by deed- recruit new
members and boost morale
for cause through successful
execution of massive attacks and
pursuit of media coverage
Strategy of Attrition
: Convince target state that cost is not worth the effort of maintaining
Religious terrorism?
Strategies of Terror
Emile Henry, French anarchist
Provocation: invite
response that will
lead to escalation
James Foley, journalist murdered by ISIS in 2014
Strategy of chaos: demonstrate
the ineptitude of the state

Suicide bombings in Sadr City, Baghdad,
February 2016
: Coerce population
into cooperating with terrorist
ETA (2006)
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