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Copy of Marvel Presentation

No description

Ericca Brown

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Marvel Presentation

Agenda Introduction Current Performance Objectives Current Situation

Corporate Governance

External Environment: Opportunities & Threats

Internal Environment: Strengths & Weaknesses

Analysis of Strategic Factors About Marvel First comic books came out in 1939

Oldest collections of fictitious characters such as Spiderman, X-Men, Ironman, and The Hulk

Think of 4,700 characters as families instead of individuals.

IPO announced in 1991 •Unethical behavior of CEO Ron Perelman

•Copyright lawsuits

•Piracy issues

•Film Production Mission •Since 1939, we've engaged imaginations with our innovative characters, legends and business ventures. Today, we're the #1 comic publisher in the world, as well as a major player in the movie, consumer products, and digital and television industries. Our mission to expand enables our legends lie Thor and The X- Men to come to life in unexpected ways. To resonate with people today. And to evolve with generations to come. Solution: Should put more efforts into popularizing not only characters but also brand name. Recommendation Recommendation If they do not differentiate them from DC, it is hard to make their name valuable. Hire different designers. Refresh key character's stories, so younger generations know the plot •To create value for our stockholders with intellectual property as well as the talent of our creative teams
•Utilizing its character franchises in licensing, entertainment publishing and toys.
•To leverage its character franchises in a growing array of opportunities around the world. Strategic Posture •To penetrate international markets across all business
•To expand distribution channels through the internet
•Increase exposure of our characters by licensing to third parties for development in areas of television and/or movies
•By self-producing our own movies to obtain greater financial performance and reward Strategies •Strong hold on intellectual property
•Obtain/ retain creative and ambitious employees to make these characters come to life Policies 1. 8 directors total, 2 hold positions within the Marvel Corp
2. 5 members have been serving from the 1990's
3. Average age of members is 63
4. Only 1 member has experience in the entertainment industry Board of Directors Top Mangement 1.Officers are fairly new to Marvel Entertainment (less than 5 years),
2. Average age is 53
3. 2 hired from outside of Marvel Corporation Board of Directors Internal Environment: Strengths & Weaknesses Corporate Structure •Divisional (S) Large corporation with many product lines in several related industries.

•Employees tend to be functional specialists organized according to product/market distinctions. (S) Supports corporate strategy.

•Synergy between segments: Highly integrated and vertically differentiated (S)
oFilm Production: 2006 large expansions created film division
oToy Segment: Sales & Royalties licensing to Hasbro

•Each segment has top management which reports to CEO, CEO reports to Board of Directors •Corporate governance guidelines
•Corporate code of business conduct and ethics
•Honesty and integrity are key organizational values
•Importance of maintaining company reputation
•Fairness and awareness, even with competitors
•Constant renewing process Corporate Culture •Strong mission statement, which reflects company’s culture; shaping the behavior of the people in the corporation, thus affecting corporate performance a.Exposure of characters by licensing them to third party companies for development as movies and television shows.(S)

b.Comic books(S)


d.Television shows(S)


f.Self Produced movies (Iron may released in 2008, and The Incredible Hulk)(S)

g.Partnering with many other companies Marketing 2.Finance
a.Partnering with Hasbro and acquiring their expenses and revenue.(S)

b.From 2005 to 2006 net income had decreased by almost half (W)

c. At the 3rd quarter in 2008, Marvel’s licensing business accounted for $237,479,000 in net sales, down from a restated 2007 amount of $267,512,000. (W) Finance Research and Development a.Open innovation- alliance with companies with licensing of the characters (S)

b.Pioneer a product that will attract not just teenage boys but a diversified crowd (S)

c.Mass market mainstays, moving into new distribution channels. (S) Operations & Logistics 1. Publishing
2. Licensing
3. Film Production 4. Licensing & agreements

5. Globally Human Resources
3.Wage Information Technology
1.Research & Development (Internet)
2.RRM software Analysis of Strategic Factors Situational Analysis (SWOT) a. Brand Identity

b. Diversified business model (cross segment operations)

c. Popularity of films produced

d. Large market share Strengths a. Financial difficulties, unable to obtain financing or bonding

b. Past unethical behavior by corporate officers

c. Legal Issues

d. Difficulties in protecting intellectual property Weaknesses a. Growing movie industry, positive reaction to superhero films

b. Expanding to a foreign market

c. Growth in the gaming industry

d. Greater internet presence, on line sales,

e. Emergence of the graphic novel, and e- reader capabilities Opportunities a. Intense competition in all areas of business

b. Declining economic conditions

c. Changing consumer preference Threats Corporate Resources External Environment: Opportunities & Threats -Actors demanding more money

-Environmental issues

-Mother Nature Natural Environment Societal Environment -Economic



-Sociocultural Task Environment -Main competitor is DC Comics who is also doing well with movies and graphic novels (Batman)

-Legal Issues

- Growing movie industry, positive reaction to superhero films especially marvels main A list of superheroes. Strategic Alternatives:

1.) Growth Strategy

2.) Pause Strategy

3.) Retrenchment

Implementation : Retrenchment Strategy

Marvel - Present Day
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