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Geero Policarpio

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Geero Policarpio and Andrew LaCombe Green Sea Turtles Facts and Information Green Sea Turtle's Diet Green Sea Turtle's Population Green Sea Turtle's
Threats The Green Sea Turtle's population is slowly decreasing. Some Green Sea turtles can be simply killed by floating garbage from over piled dumps. The population for Green Sea Turtles are about 500,000. Most Green Sea Turtles are killed on land before even reaching the surf (ocean). Young Sea Turtles are killed by dogs and nearby birds. As an adult, Green Sea Turtles are killed by sharks. The most common shark that kills sea turtles are Tiger Sharks. Also, if these turtles run out of under water plants, they either die or survive on a stable fish diet, they are also losing there
habitats when real estate delvelops. Green Sea Turtle The green sea turtle is the
second largest turtle in the world. Fun Facts As you can see in the graph, Green Sea Turtles are decreasing in population. More Green Turtles are killed onshore than offshore. The problem may be caused by mass pollution. Thank you for viewing this prezi. We hope you learned many things about Green Sea Turtles. Keeping alive animals such as turtles can limit dangerous animal such as jelly fish. By the way, that turtle at the bottom is a Tarzan showoff. :) Green Sea Turtles is the only sea turtle that change diet as it ages. When young, Green Sea Turtles eat jelly fish and other small fish. As an adult, Green Sea Turtles diet consists of underwater plants such as seaweed. The adult turtle can survive on a steady fish diet. This adult Green Sea Turtle is eating only the dark green plants with lots of nutrients. the green sea turtle can easily be distinguished by the fact that they only have a single pair of prefontal scales.(sclaes in fornt of its eyes. the green sea turtle is called the green sea turtle because of the green algae on its stomach. The green sea turtle can not put its head in its shell. the green sea turtle's scientific name is chelonia mydas. this is how
the algae gets on them. The green sea turtle can grow up to
5 feet wow! The Green Sea Turtle can stay alive on a steady meat if food is scarce. This turtle is the only sea turtle that switches it's diet as it ages The green sea turtle can lay up from 80 to 100
eggs. this green algae is what adult green sea turtles eat. yum! doesn't he look cute?
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