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Thesis Statements New

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Rachel Savatski

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Thesis Statements New

Why are thesis statements important?
What does a thesis statement look like?
It's your turn!
Create a thesis statement about Homer's challenges in "October Sky" OR the challenges of one of the characters in "The Great Debaters".

What is a thesis?
A thesis is:
the main idea of the paper, not the title.
a complete sentence that explains in some detail what you expect to write about.
Thesis Statements
A thesis statement appears near the beginning of a paper, and it offers a concise description of the topic being addressed. It states the claim of the argument that will be presented in a paper.
For the writer a thesis statement:
serves as a planning tool.
helps the writer determine the focus of the paper.
becomes a reference point for all topic sentences in support of the argument.
anticipates questions about the topic.
For the reader a thesis statement:
serves as a "map" to follow through the paper.
keeps the reader focused on the argument.
engages the reader in the argument.
offers enough detail for the reader to grasp the argument.
A thesis is an assertion, or claim, not an observation.

Homer is a boy who likes rockets.

Homer perseveres and follows his dreams of becoming a rocket scientist, despite the doubts of those around him.
A thesis statement is narrow and specific, rather than broad and general.
Broad and General:
Melvin Tolson was a good teacher.

Narrow and Specific:
Despite personal setbacks, Melvin Tolson gave his debate team continued opportunities to succeed and never doubted their abilities.
A thesis takes a stand on subject, rather than announcing it.
The thesis of this paper is about Homer facing challenges.

Although it does not seem possible, Homer breaks away from the expectations of his family and community to become a rocket scientist.
Things to Remember
A thesis can be changed any time during the writing process.
Thesis statements should be about
main idea not multiple ideas.
The reader should know what your entire essay will be about by just reading your thesis statement.
A thesis statement will never be a question; it will always be a complete sentence
Use your movie notes to help you create your thesis.
Graphic Organizer
Main Idea/Topic
What is the main idea you're going to talk about in your essay?
Supporting Detail 1
Evidence that supports
your main idea/topic.
Supporting Detail 2
Supporting Detail 3
Evidence that supports
your main idea/topic.
Evidence that supports
your main idea/topic.
A thesis should be a claim, not a factual statement.
James Farmer Jr. was the youngest member of the debate team.

James Farmer Jr. faced many unique challenges because of his age, including strained relationships with his family and peers and a desire for acceptance.
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