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2009 Employee Survey

No description

Todd Preece

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of 2009 Employee Survey

IT It's a service organization. Active depends on IT
to create & deliver their products... that make money... hopefully lot$ of money. So Active's opinion on how
we provide services matters. What is it? So how much of Active
thought IT was providing
great service? 40% At the start of 2009... That's the equivalent of
the company saying .... Well, that was
a year ago, and lots
has changed We set some new expectations "When in doubt,
err on the side of
the customer" "Own the outcome" "Be part of the business, not just IT" But we only started to change
a few months ago. How
much could it matter? a LOT At the start of 2010 how much
of Active thought IT was helping
them succeed? 72% I feel 90 a comin' :)
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