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Things Fall Apart

No description

Tandis S.

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart Relationship with Animals Igbo Food Igbo Using Nature for Medicine Igbo: Nature for Medicine Igbo Farming Food and Farming
Igbo vs American Relationships to the Natural World "...as he took his machete and went into the bush to collect the leaves and grasses and barks of trees that went into making the medicine for iba." p. 76 things fall apart KYLA TANDIS JUSTINE PATRICIA -Land is fertile for farming
-Men cultivate yams
-Women's crops: pumkins, cassava, and peppers "Dangerous animals became even more sinister in the dark. A snake was never called by its name at night, because it would hear." Superstitions/Myths in
the Igbo Culture -Yam is staple crop
-Cassava, plantaines and taro root
-Fish, chicken, beef, goat or shrimp Medicine American Medicine American doctors rely on pharmaceutical companies and science to make medicine. Superstitions/Myths in
the American culture Superstitions/Myths of The Natural World Darkness - evil spirits come out - animals become sinister - children are only let out during full moon - good spirits of children wait to be born Silk Cotton Tree - young women are around it Evil Forest - habitat of bad spirits - bodies with "bad spirits" are buried here Darkness - everything becomes more dangerous - robbers, murderers, etc - children do not play outside Rosemary Bush - women who want to get pregnant should plant a rosemary bush
Refers to the way different cultures interact with natural life and the ecosystem. Relationship to Natural World: Igbo people and Their Animals American people and Their Animals They live their lives based off of myths and many of them were about animals Any substances used in treating disease or illness. American Food American Farming -Wheat, rice, corn and cotton Taro Root Plantaines Yams Cassava -Many different cultures combined -Corporate farming Animals determined the mood of the room If an animal was thought of being "bad spirited" they would kill it so that no bad luck would be brought upon them and their land animals are pets the vicious ones live in the zoo they are a man's best friend a source of food and protection
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