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Marketing Strategy Iceberg

Overview of inbound and outbound marketing components

Tracy Hulett

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Strategy Iceberg

Parts & Particulars Marketing Strategy Outbound Marketing Drive sales through "push" marketing tactics: Make yourself known through engaging contact mechanisms. Inbound Marketing Tools Winning Marketing... a lot more than meets the eye... Driven by strategy/plan
Direct mail/E-mail
Personal URLs
Sales calls; Trade shows
Advertising/PR/Earned media
Community outreach Outbound Factors Fast - rapid turnaround
Relatively low cost
Infrequent use improving results Poor response rates
Low ROI, despite low cost
Invasive, easy to ignore Drive sales through "pull" tactics: Position the organization as a thought leader, with trusted insights into the issues buyers deal with every day. Marketing Strategy Must-Haves Clearly defined Strategy/Plan for both Outbound & Inbound Marketing
Specific target industries and Buyer Personas
Who is the buyer?
Title, age, gender, industry, etc.
What problems does this person have?
How do we solve the problems?
Unique Value Proposition tailored to market segment
Define in real terms - RATER
What makes us stand out from the crowd?
How do we communicate that in every message, every time?
CRM - Reliable, comprehensive, reflects actual behaviors over time, responsive
Research & Metrics - Research target industries; Implement strategy; Identify and measure key performance indicators!

RATER: 5 Factors with the greatest influence on customer satisfaction, likelihood of rebuy You won't get far without them CRM Lead Generation
Software Targeted applications - by industry, by part, etc.

Only as good as its input Virtually endless supply of prospect data

Potentially expensive

Fairly reliable data Processes Marketing Process Sales Process Customer Service Process Demand generation
Lead Generation
CRM application
Link to next sale Lead management
Relationship management
CRM entry Relationship management
Opportunity identification
CRM entry Significant new customer opportunities identified! Inbound Factors Driven by strategy/plan
Website: Live chat, easy search, easy quote request, samples on demand, optimized for mobile, mobile app
SEO - where do we rank; monitor and improve
Content Marketing (Thought Leadership)

Requires organizational support for engagement and content development Improves search rankings
Increases credibility
Significantly greater ROI Cost of content development
Intense monitoring
Slow; requires patience Recommendations Steps to take now and moving forward Set Outbound and Inbound Marketing Strategies and Plan with specific goals and metrics; establish a marketing budget
Continue current social media and content activities
Commit to broad inbound content development plan
Establish processes for sales, customer service and marketing activities
Define research parameters; identify outside resources
Implement website improvements Website Leads Inbound Marketing
Leads CRM/Research Leads Existing Customer
Leads Outbound Marketing
Leads Filling the Funnel ThomasNet
Internet search
Catalog search
Live Chat
ASAP Request for quote Requests for information
Fill-in forms
Content comments
Web search
Social media links Data mining - LinkedIn, etc.
Personal URLs
Sales Calls
E-mail campaigns
Purchased lists Upsells
New products New product info
Geo targets
Industry targets
Part targets Disciplined Strategy + Creative Content = Full Funnel
Full Funnel x Well-Executed Sales Process = INCREASED SALES$ Branding Product Market Research Pricing Reputation Leads Make the CRM work and define user standards across organization
Integrate CRM with website
Develop tool kits for reps; implement "Everyone Sells" initiative internally
Select outside resources for lead generation, marketing automation and content development
Establish internal content development function Short-Term Long-term Note: Marketing will perform most activities, but requires visible senior management support and authorization PURL video Social media - Blog - Newsletter - White Papers - Videos - Photos Customer stories - Podcasts/Webinars - E-books Content Marketing video
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