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Digital Tools for Innovative Learning

No description

Laurie Hildebrand

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Digital Tools for Innovative Learning

Strategies and Skills
Digital Tools for Innovative Learning
Laurie Hildebrand
Course Project
Fall 2013
I teach technology and 21st century skills to K-5 students. My classroom goals are to provide my students with a range of functional and critical thinking skills related to information media and technology. My students will be able to access information, effectively deal with rapid changes in technology, and have the ability to collaborate and make individual contributions today and in the future.
Embrace the use of social media and support the model of shared knowledge building by using:
Kidblog and Glogster and Google Docs.
ISTE Nets*s Standards
Communication and Collaboration
Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning, and contribute to the learning of others. Students will interact, collaborate and publish with their peers. They will communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences.
How can web publishing promote student collaboration and cooperation?
Standards and 21st Century Skills I will use
My Essential Questions
Technology and Resources
My Classroom Overview, Philosophy and Goals

Partnership for 21st Century Skills
Communicate clearly and collaborate with others
Articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using written communication
Assume shared responsibility for collaborative work and value individual contributions made by each team member

More ISTE Standards
Creativity and Innovation
Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology. Students will create original works as a means of personal or group

How can we help our students transfer the understandings they gain from the use of web publishing to other situations/experiences/projects, etc.?
Why use Web publishing?
To convey content more
powerfully and efficiently
* To make meaning of the wealth of
information that surrounds them
* To develop learners who are indepen-
dent, powerful thinkers who can self-
direct, organize lead and collaborate
* To take this user-generated
content and further develop
critical thinking skills.
Answer:Through the use of wikis
and blogs, my students will be encouraged to share ideas and
take intellectual risks.
By using collaborative
blogging, my student's attitudes and motivation towards writing will improve as they share ideas.
Lifelong communicators will
be created as my students collaborate on projects.
I plan to use
- the ultimate enabler
of collaboration - because they can hold
any kind of media - text, images, video,
or diagrams. My curriculum goals can
be met with their usage. My students
can organize their group work and
collaborate and contribute to our
projects. This collective intelligence
workspace will also allow me to share
my student's work with their parents.
I would love to create an "achievement
page" which would showcase our best
work. Using a wiki will expand my
teaching beyond my classroom's walls!
Answer: It has been shown that by using collaborative blogging, students have transferred their knowledge to other academic facets of the classroom. Since blogging is also a personal learning experience, our students can delve deeper into topics as their peers comment on what was written. It provides a platform for these iGenerationers to let the world know them - their likes and dislikes and what makes them tick. Through this process, my students will realize that technology is here to stay and is available "whatever, whenever and wherever".
I also plan to use Voicethread
with my students. It brings their digital writing to life with their own voices which they love to hear! Its collaborative multimedia features allow for images, videos, and documents to be shared. The "comment" feature allows for others to either write or record their thoughts on my student's projects.

Kidblog allows me to provide all of my 5th graders with their own individual blogs. It's a safe place to create classroom discussions, learn digital citizenship, and practice writing skills. It gives my students an authentic audience and a real purpose for writing. Within kidblog we can embed videos, podcasts, artwork, Google Docs, and other Web 2.0 tools like Glogster, Storybird and Piclits. My students will create an amazing e-portfolio of work that can be shared with their parents and our district administrators.

With this tool, I can engage, inspire, excite and connect my students into creating interactive posters on any topic of study.
I can use Google Docs with my students to collaborate in real time on any classroom project. With this tool, I can collaborate with the regular education teacher on their
current projects and further enrich
their topic of study.
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