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Mixed Marriage by Prezi

No description

Shahifulazmi Adnan

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Mixed Marriage by Prezi

by Shahifulazmi & SyazanA =)
a presentAtion that definitely matters to us =P Marriage is a beautiful and sacred institution. we share all our thought and feelings and we're happy that we did. soME SAY mIXED marriaGe is awesome. Some say Its Totally Cool And FIne. SOme say Its totally troublesome, some just went straight to court. We say:
'Nobody said It Will Be easy, NoboDy said it Should Be hard" accepting
'These set of [ing's] helps it is to work together that plays the most imporTant part AND SO SHOULD YOU =) to conclude: mixed marriage may be problematic and stuffs, but we're happy. mixed marriage FAMILY MANAGEMENT AND PARENTING Marriage between two person of different races or religions. In Islam, the institution can only be acknowledged if it abides by the Shariah. Thus it must be between male and female, with other specifications.
Non Muslims refers to people who does not follow the above said criterion. It includes Ahl al Kitab, people with belief systems, ideologies, paganism or even atheists. Even people forced to revert to Islam can not be categorized as Muslims.
Muslims can be defined as individuals who proclaim the syahadah by free will. They are then obliged to the pillars of Islam, Iman and Ihsan. Muslims does not refer to any certain race of any geographical origin or skin color.
BENEFITS OF MIXED MARRIAGE? Remove the social and culture barriers
Incorporating aspects of the culture/race/religion into you daily life.
Whole intercultural family become more open-minded
Being exposed to new way of thinking
Having an incredible experience with someone you love and respect
Becoming stronger in what you believe
The children will be very cute or turn out to be amazingly gorgeous
Have experience about different cultures
Opportunity to learn more than one language
The children will have very smart IQ =)
Problems of Mixed Marriage TOO PERFECT? Communication breakdown between husband and wife (language)
Failure to meet the expectations
Being pretentious
Cultural differences
Departure from family
Psychological effect (Alienation and Stress)
Higher incompatibility rate between husband and wife
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