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Major Events of the War

No description

Amy Dunn

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Major Events of the War

Major Events of the War

1st Continental Congress-
Sept. 1774
The Midnight Ride - Apr. 18, 1775
Paul Revere and William Dawes warned colonist of british
Set up system with lanterns
Mecklenburg Resolves - May 20,1775
British laws no longer in effect
One year before Dec. of Independence
Created local government
Battle of Moores Creek - Feb 27,1776
Halifax Resolves - April 12, 1776
NC Declaration of Independence
Same thing as Mecklenburg Resolves
By:Amy Dunn
Guilford Courthouse - March 15, 1781
Battle of King Mountains - Oct. 7, 1780
Battle of Saratoga - Sept. 19 - Oct. 7,1777
Shot Heard Around the World - Lexington & Concord
Last Major Battle
Patriots hid along road near Moores Creek
Greased planks(soap and animal fat)
Surprised loyalist
3 min battle
50 Loalist killed or wounded
1 Patriot died
Met in Philly
Banned trade with Britain until intolerable act repealed
Colony began training troops
Beginning of a future independent gov't
Continental army surrounded British
British surrendered
Arnold turned traitor
thought he did not think he received credit for victory
American victory
Forced British to give up plan of taking over NC
Charlotte called "The Hornet's Nest"
Near Greenboro
British won but lost 1/4 of there men
Last major battle in NC
700 British went to Lexington to arrest Sam Adams and John Hancock
70 colonist there 8 died
4,000 Minutemen were there
Battle of Yorktown, Virginia
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