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The Best of Firefighters!

Melissa and I have to do a prezi on persuading someone to be a firefighter. We are finally done with it, but we would really like some tips from our viewers of how to improve it. Thank u all for seeing it!

Jennifer Truong

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of The Best of Firefighters!

The best of Firefighters
Take the Risk

Now that you know more about what it takes to become a fireman, you can pursue that career. The possibilities are endless. Sure, many will go against the idea of being a firefighter, but those who do, don't usually have the guts to face what waits ahead of them. If you were that type of person who has ever stood in front of danger, you could be a heroic idol to your country. All would be in debt to you.
The Strength Within
Firefighters don't just go through physical pain, they go through the emotional pain as well. Losing an arm, having a broken leg, and going blind is NOTHING compared to failure. If they are unable to save those in harm, they have failed themselves. Lives would be lost and it was because of them. Not only does the fireman experience emotional problems, but their family will, too. Family members are always worried about what might happen to them during work, day after day. The difficulty of controlling your feelings must be contained if you wish to be a firefighter.
First off, the benefits of being a firefighter is that they help the community in tons of ways, not only do firefighters extinguish fires they help people's lives too. Firefighters save people lives because when their is a fire on a house they vanquishes the danger of spreading to other houses and saving the possibility of other deaths. Firefighters try to save the people in the the house that is burning also. For example, firefighters save lives by saving someone who has been injured. Firefighters rescue people by tons of other ways and make an impact in their lives.
By Melissa Woo and Anh Truong
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a firefighter? Maybe when you were little you had probably pretend to be one. You would dress up, have the helmet, badge, and maybe a real hose, but your childhood imagination is nothing compared to what real firefighters have to endure. Firefighters have to stare danger straight in the eyes and not back down. They must be in tip top shape and have the skills to avoid obstacles that might stand in their way. Think about it. Do you have what it takes to become a loyal firefighter that citizens will respect?
Life $avings
Also, if you become a firefighter, money and insurance for you and your family isn't worried. The average yearly pay for a firefighter is $47,720 but this does not count of the beneficial bonuses that you can receive. Benefits includes lifelong medical coverage for the firefighter and his or her family meaning you don't need to worry of expensive medical bills and now you have more money to spend on debts or vacation. Also, Firefighters receive up to four weeks of paid vacation each year and a pension. The expense benefits for becoming a firefighter are medical coverage, pension, and paid four week vacation each year.
Vanquisher of Danger
Thank You all For Being Such A Great Audience!!! :)
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