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Celtic Monsters

No description

shivaani makesan

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Celtic Monsters

Celtic Monsters Celtic Myth 1. Dearg-Due: the Irish Vampire 2. The Dullahan: The Irish Headless Horseman 4. Balor: Celtic Demon King 5.Sluagh: Dead Irish sinners 3. Banshee: Irish Wailing Ghost 6. Carman: The Celtic Witch Some of the Celtic "monsters" were originally gods, but were later demonized as pagen creatures when many Celts became Christians. The Celtic culture has always feared an array of evil forces. The ten most frightening demons in Celtic and Irish culture are Dearg-Due, The Dullahan, Banshee, Ballor, Sluagh, Carman, Kelpie, Caorthannach, Leanne Sidhe, and the Questing Beast. Dearg-due means "the red blood sucker". Dearg-Due is a female demon that seduces men and drains their blood. According to the Celtic legends an Irish woman who was known all throughout the country for her beauty, fell in love with a local peasant who her father did not approve of. So her dad forced her to marry a rich man who treated her terribly. Eventually she committed suicide. She was buried near a strongbow tree in Waterford, and one night she rose from her grave to seek revenge on her father and husband by sucking their blood until they died. However there is one way to defeat Dearg-Due. You must pile stones over her grave. Dullahan means "the dark man". He is known as the forteller of death. Legend has it that he rides on a headless black horse with flaming eyes, he carries his head under his arm while he rides and when he stops a human dies. Some legends say that Dullahan throws a bucket of blood on the victim, other versions say he simply states the name of the mortal to die. He is afraid of substance and his weakness is gold. The Banshee is said to team up with Dullahan. The Banshee is a female spirit whose wail, if heard outside, foretells a member of the households death. Several versions say that the Banshee rode alongside the Dullahan in a black cart drawn by six black horses. It is said that the two whip the horses with a human spinal cord. However, most legends say that she was scary enough on her own. Descriptions of the Banshee vary from an old ugly hag to a beautiful young woman, but all versions agree that her blood curdling wail would be heard a total of three times before someones death. Sluagh are the creatures who hunt down souls. Irish tales say that the Sluagh are dead sinners that come back as malicious spirits. The spirits come flying fro the west to try and enter houses to take the souls of a dying human. some families would shut all their windows that faced the west to keep the sluagh away. Carman is the Celtic godess of evil magic. She roamed around with her three evil sons Duh (darkness) Dother (evil) and Dain (violence). They destroyed anything and everything in their path. Carman put a disease on the crops of Ireland and terrorized people until the Tuatha De Danann, "Poeple of the Godess Danu" arrived and used their magic to defeat Carman and they drove her sons across the sea. In Celtic mythology Balor is the demonic god of death. He is described as having one eye and a single gigantic leg. He was the demon king of the Fomori, demons who lived in the dark depths of the seas and lakes. He can kill a human by simply staring them in the eye so he usually kept his eye shut. Balor provided his demons with victims until his son Lug killed him with a slingshot. After their king was killed the Fomori went back to the waters and transformed into sea monsters who pray on humans. 7. Kelpie: Celtic Sea Monster A kelpie can take multiple forms, but they usually take the form of a horse. The kelpie gallops around looking like a lost pony trying to trick women and children into riding it. The mane would always be dripping in water. If a women or child tried to ride it the kelpie would take off with them on its back straight into the water to drown their victim. Then it would take them to its lair to eat. Occasionally a kelpie would take on a form of a handsome man to lure women into its trap. however the man would always have kelp in his hair. 8.Caorthannach: The Celtic Fire-spittter Caorthannach was thought to be the devils mother who was faught off by St. Patrick when he banished snakes out of Ireland. The saint is thought to have stood up on top of the mountain known as Croagh when he banished all serpents and demons into the sea. However Caorthannach escaped the banishment and tries to slide down the mountain away from the saint saw her and chased after her. She spit fire and poisoned every well she passed because she knew the saint would need a drink of water. The saint refused to drink out of the wells even though he was extremely thirsty. He made it to Hawk's Rock where he waited for her. When she arrived he banished her with a single word and she drowned in the ocean, but she left behind a swell which is now known as the Hawk's Well. 9. Leanan Sidhe: Evil Irish Fairy Leanan is another one of Ireland's vampires. This fairy was a beautiful woman who would give inspiration to poets and musicians- with the cost of their lives. She made the artist her lover, shared her intellegence, creativity, and magic with them, but when she left they would be so depressed they would die. She would then take their bodies back to her lair. instead of sucking their blood directly she would put it in a cauldron, the source of her beauty and artistic inspiration. Like with Deag-Due puttting stones over her resting place is the only way to defeat her. 10. Questing Beast: Celtic Hybrid Monster The Questing beast has the head of a snake, the body of a leopard,the backside of a lion and the hooves of a deer. The beasts constant cry sounds like the bark of 30 dogs and she was very fast. She was the product of a virgin women and a demon. The princess had a brother that was so handsome she even wanted him, but he refused to be with her so she summoned a demon. She wanted the demon to get her brother to sleep with her and he agreed, but his price was that she would have to sleep with him first. During the night the demon twisted the passion she had for her brother into hatred and when she became pregnant she blamed her brother for raping her. her brother was convicted and sentenced to death but before he died he uttered a prophecy that she would give birth to a horrible beast. his prophecy came true when when the princess gave birth to the Questing Beast instead of a child. After the princess gave birth she confessed to what she had done and was sentenced to death. Works Cited *this page will be handed in seperately*
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