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thames thames

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of GIMNASTICS

You always have to keep your back straight. And your knees straight so as your feet. In a split your hips must always face your legs in front.in a bridge you must never stand on your toes. You have to stand on your whole feet like this.
difrent gimnastics
There are diffrent gimnastics like athletic gimnastics,water gimnastics, bar gimnastics, and cheer leeder gimnastics.
If you get very good then you can go to cometitons but you must be really carefull because some people get hurt a lot.
Man gimnastics
Man can do gimnastics as well but in a different way, they are a bit less flexible then women.
Gimnastic moves
Gimnastics is a sport that makes you very strong. To do gymnastics you need to be flexible but if your not then you will be trained very hard.
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