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Maritza Vasquez

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Chapter 6: Spain's Sixteenth-century empire
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
The Treaty of Tordesillas
The Pope decided the line that divided the world in half.
The east was for Portugal
The West was for Spain
European Figures
Amerigo Vespucci
Martin Waldseemuller
Pedro Cabral
Ferdinand Magellan
Giovanni Caboto
Giovanno Verrazano
Step 3
Jacques Cartier
- sent by the French king and later he discovered the St. Lawrence River.
Diego Velasquez
- Cuba!
Hernan Cortes
- conquered the Aztec Empire and made Mexico a colony of Spain.
Francisco Pizzaro -
conquered the Inca Empire and made Peru a colony of Spain.
Creoles & Peninsulares
Peninsulares -
those men who were born in Spain.
Creoles -
born in the Caribbean, but had Spanish parents.
Eurpoean Figures
Antonio de Montesinos:
He was a Spanish who spoke out against the encomenderos to end the 'cruelty and tyranny'.
Bartolome de las Casas:
held an encomienda in Cuba but decided that the system was evil.
European Figures
Mercantilism: Controlling trade to and from the empire!
A system in which a country attempts to amass wealth through trade with other countries; exporting more than importing and increasing stores of gold and precious metals.
Colonies in the Caribbean made the Europeans wealthy in two ways:
there was a flow of wealth to these countries,
countries charged customs duties on all trade items.
The custom duties collected were used to pay for armies and warships.
One of the main tasks was to protect trade so that all profits went to the mother country, Spain!
Interlopers were prevented - English, French or Dutch.
Task # 10
1. Explain how the
trade winds

helped the colonizers to travel
rapidly from Europe to the
2. What was a
3. How long did it take to travel
from Barbados to Jamaica?
4. How long did it take to travel
from Jamaica to Barbados?
The Casa controls Trade
The Casa de Contratacion located in Seville was in charged of seeing that the rules for trade protection were obeyed.
Casa officials took one-fifth of all precious as the king's share and charged customs duties on all other goods.
They sold
to people of other countries.
The Convoy System protected
The convoy system was put in place because the privateers stole from many cargo ships taken to Spain.

The system had a group of ships traveling together under heavy protection from guard ships.
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