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Autism in the Classroom

This is a prezi about the effects and characteristics of Autism and how to modify teaching techniques for children with Autism

Kristen Moser

on 13 March 2011

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Transcript of Autism in the Classroom

What is Autism? It is a range of neurodevelopment
disorders characterized by... Social impairments
Communication difficulties
Repetitive stereotyped patterns of behavior Characteristics Non-verbal impairment
Difficulty developing relationships
Unable to reciprocate social cues
Behind in verbal development
Inflexible, repetitive behavior Classification Classic Autism
Asperger Syndrome (preserves lingustic and cognitive development)
Pervasive Developmental Autism (most severe)
Rett Syndrome (no verbal skills and cannot walk)
Childhood Disintigrative Disorder (late onset, low functioning) Children With Autism in School Children With Autism often... Enjoy school
Have difficulty coping with change
Act agressively when frustrated
Lack social skills to develop friendships
Demonstrate intellectual limitations Treatments Speech/Physical/Behavioral therapy
Social skills training
Gluten Free/Casein Free diet

There is no medication proven to 100% cure
children with Autism. However, various medications
have different effects on different children Modifications in the Classroom Create a visual schedule
Color code information
Provide visual directions
Make endings obvious
Schedule sensory activities that engage student
Incorporate exercise
Assess light, temperature, smells and sounds
Engage peer support/interaction
Develope concrete rules
Create activities that portray strengths
Ensure consistancy between faculty and parents Resources Autismspeaks.org : FAQs and Child's Rights
Kidshealth.org : Understanding Autism
Ninds.nih.gov : Facts Sheet
Napcse.org : Modifications in the Classroom
Autism-blog.net : Real life experiences with Autism
Aspergers-Autism.com : Understanding and Responding to Autism
Cec.sped.org : Up to Date News and Issues about Autism
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