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Reversal Satire

No description

Cordell Buerkle

on 11 April 2016

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Transcript of Reversal Satire

Reversal Satire
Night Class (2013) states that reversal satire makes the audience think about what they consider "normal" and why.
Wang, K. (2015). Satire: reversal.
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Liam O'Brien (2013) states that reversal is the act or instance of reversing two subjects. ReadWriteThink (2006) states that reversal satire presents the opposite of the normal order.
Cordell Buerkle
According to Kaya Wang (2015), mice performing experiments on humans is an example of reversal satire. ReadWriteThink (2006) states that serving breakfast for dinner and a young child making decisions for a family are examples of reversal satire.

Stewie from
Family Guy

is an example of reversal satire. He is the youngest, yet he is the most intelligent and makes decisions for the family.
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