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Photosynthesis Prezi

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Melissa Fisher

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Photosynthesis Prezi

What is photosynthesis?
Carbon dioxide and light
energy are required for
The products of photosynthesis
are glucose sugar and oxygen.
The Chemical Equation for Photosynthesis:
Photosynthesis is the process
by which green plants, algae, and
some bacteria use sunlight to
make food.

Photosynthesis is a chemical
reaction with specific reactants
and products.
Water is reactant required for photosynthesis to occur.
How does the plant gain the energy from the sun
and the carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis?
Photosynthesis also requires
energy from the sun.
The reactants (starting
materials)for photosynthesis
are carbon dioxide (CO2) and
water (H2O).

The products (what is generated
by the reaction) are glucose (C6H12O6), which is sugar or food,
and oxygen (O2).
The most important chemical
reaction on earth.
Light energy from the sun is captured in plant cells by the chloroplasts.
Chloroplasts (and most plants) get their green color from the pigment chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll absorbs
sunlight / light energy for photosynthesis.
Carbon dioxide enters the plant through the stomata.
Stomata are tiny pores
or openings in the epidermis (skin) of leaves and stems.
Water is absorbed through the roots and stems.
Oxygen is released into the atmosphere through the stomata.
Glucose is used as energy for the plant and stored as sugar and starch - an excellent source of energy for animals.
Photosynthesis is the most important chemical reaction in the world for two reasons:
1. All energy on earth ultimately comes from the sun. We cannot make our own food (glucose), we must get it from plants which have generated it via photosynthesis.

2. The oxygen released by photosynthesis is also required for life.
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