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Romanticism Timeline

A Timeline of the Romantic period.

Michelle Punzo

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Romanticism Timeline

Romanticism to 1880 from 1780 Valeria Alcaraz Jiménez Michelle Punzo Suazo
a01064197 a01064169 1770 Industrial Revolution, one of the main causes. Causes 1789 French Revolution 1812 Napoleonic wars Events German writer.

Author of Leipzi Songbook.

Died in 1832. 1749
Johann Von Goethe 1757
William Blake All religions are one
Songs of Experience

Died in 1827 Literary Criticism

The waggoner 1770
William Wordsworth Cinderella
Hansel and Gretel

Wilhem died in 1859

Jacob died in 1863 1785
Grimm Brothers Fears in solitude
Lyrical Ballads

Died in 1834 1770
Samuel Taylor Pride and Prejudice

Died in 1817 1775
Jane Austen El Giaour
El Corsario
Don Juan

Died in 1824 1788
Lord Byron Letters of John Keats

Endymion 1795
John Keats Frankenstein

Died in 1851 1797
Mary W. Shelley Is chosen as the USA President 1800
Thomas Jefferson The count of Monte Cristo The Miserables
The three Musketeers The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1802
Alexander Dumas Victor Hugo Died in 1870 Died in 1885 Origin of Species 1809
Charles Darwin
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Hard Times

He died in 1870 1812
Charles Dickens Shakespeare's works are made public
after being censored 1812 Delacroix painted The Liberty Guiding the People 1821 1822 Schubert starts writing his
Unfinished Symphony First railroad 1830 Victoria Becomes the United Kingdom Queen. 1837 Bizet is born. 1838 Tchaikovsky is born 1840 Carmen is first Played 1875 The Moulin Rouge opens 1889
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