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Grace Ledogar Nervous System Prezi

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Grace Ledogar

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Grace Ledogar Nervous System Prezi

The Nervous System The Main Components The Brain
Spinal Cord
Five Senses The Brain The Brain is in charge of
whatever you do and how you
respond to those actions. Spinal Cord The Spinal Cord is the traveling center
for Nerves traveling to and coming
from the Brain. Nerves Nerves send messages all over the body including the Brain. The Five Senses Hearing
Touch Hearing When you hear something sound waves travel into your ear and a special part of your ear sends a message to the Brain. Inside your ear, sound waves enter and reach the cochlea and tiny hairs move forming signals to send to the brain. Smell Sight Touch How do you take care of your
Nervous System? When a person smells something, that smell comes in through your nose. Special detectors inside your nose called Olfactory Receptors, help to take in the smell, send signals to the brain, and detect what the smell is. Smell also has to do with your brain because part of your brain called the cerebrum controls your memory. If you smell something and your brain remembers that smell, then you can easily detect the smell. Whenever you see something your eyes are hard at work. If you look at an object you are actually seeing the light that bounces off that object. This light travels into your eye and through optic nerves that send signals to the brain. The eye is always at hard work and it allows you to be able to see. What are some things that can
go wrong with this system? Taste Parkinson's Disease Alzheimer's
Disease Meningitis Disease Spinal Cord Damage Whenever you eat something, taste buds on your tongue send signals to the brain telling it how the food tastes. Papillae (bumps on your tongue) help you taste because they are made up of several taste buds. The nose and your taste buds work together to send a signal to your brain telling you that your food is yummy. Whenever you touch something, special sensors in your hand send signals to the brain. The brain then detects what your are touching and that is how you feel objects. Without your nervous system you would not be able to touch or pick up anything. Excercise Protect Your Brain Eat Healthy Play Mind Games This disease affects your brain and body. You no longer have control of some parts of your body. Some nerves cells in your brain die. This disease affects your brain because your brain can function and let all of the body parts move properly. This disease affects your brain because you start to loose your memory. You also loose control of your body and your brain. Some of the effects of this disease are nerve cells in the brain dying. Always wear helmet to protect your head . You do not want to damage part of your brain so always be careful and safe! Excercise everyday.
Get 30-60 minutes or more of excercise every single day. Excercise is good for your body and it helps you stay strong. Eat healthy foods like spinach and broccoli. Drink lots of water and milk. Get your calcium to keep those bones strong. Excercise your Brain everyday. Play games like suduko or word searches to challenge your mind. These excercises are good for your mind. This is a disease where membranes cover the brain and spine. Membranes are a layer of tissue that covers an organ in the body. The Mambranes can swell and this can happen because of viruses or bacteria. You can damage your spinal cord and this can cause you to be paralyzed. Your Spinal Cord is in charge of a nerves traveling system so if you damage it and if you damage it you may not be able to get messages through your body because your spine is damaged. Here is a quick video on how the Nervous System works Here is a diagram of
the nervous system Thanks For Watching! By: Grace Ledogar The Nervous System
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