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Types Of Houses in the UAE

4 types of houses used in the UAE

James Ensor

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Types Of Houses in the UAE

4 types of them. Types of Houses in the
UAE Bedouin Tents These tents are used by Bedouins and Nomads, in Deserts and Wadis. Bedouin tents are made out of a thick fabric and is easy to take down and assemble. Mud Brick Houses These houses, of course, were made from: Clay, Mud and sometimes Camel Poo! You can find some of theses houses in the 'Old' Dubai, next the creek. This gives you a look into what life used to be like back in the day. Dhows This 'house' isn't exactly a house. It's a boat- an arabic house boat. This is what some of the older generations used for pearl diving. So sit back and enjoy! Last Circle! Do these look like
Tents? Dizzy yet? :D Not! Barasti Huts (Palm Frond Huts) Barasti Huts, also known as Palm Frond Huts were used by the pearl divers, when they weren't diving from the Dhows. These were mostly made out of Wooden beams and Palm Fronds all around or built with Clay, Mud and Camel Poop, and then Palm Fronds were placed overhead densely, to be the roof. Barasti Huts were also where pearls were traded, or done outside! Thanks For watching Inception!!! :D
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