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Eleanor (Nellie) Zabel Willhite

No description

gabe gonsalez

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Eleanor (Nellie) Zabel Willhite

The first deaf woman with a pilots license. Nellie (Eleanor) Zabel Willhite Deaf by Measles Nellie was born in Box Elder, South Dakota, 1892. At the age of merely two, Nellie acquired the measles. Due to this disease, Nellie became permanently deaf. But this didn't stop her. She was a fully functional child. She went a school in Sioux Falls to become educated. Childhood Nellie went to school for a while in Sioux Falls. During her time in Sioux falls, Nellie developed a love for flight. When she was 35 years old, this loved allowed her to go to college for flight training. She was the 13 graduate of Sioux Falls flying school and went on to be the first deaf women pilot . Education "Even though I couldn't hear the engine, I could tell right away if anything was wrong just from the vibrations." Despite the hardships of being deaf, Nellie was a pilot. She inspired other deaf people to partake in flying like she had. Nellie had an esteemed career, participating in air shows, races, and county fairs. Career She started out working at an airfield as typist-Stenographer (took accurate record of important events occurring in the airfield ). She met a flight instructor in the field who encouraged her to learn to fly. This influenced her next job as a pilot. She worked in air shows, races, and county fairs. Jobs Nellie didn't have any siblings so she found ways to have fun by herself. Her parents were married in Rapid City South Dakota. They all lived together on a ranch. Her worked as a stay at home mom, taking care of the ranch and Nellie. He father owned oxen that he breaded and sold as a living. Nellie's mother suffered an early death so the family was narrowed down to her and her father. Nellie's dad was always supportive of her dream of flying. When she was become a pilot, he bought a plane which she named Pard in his honor. When it was time to get married, her father handed her off to a suitable man named Dr. F. V. Willhite. They lived a long and happy life together until Nellie's life was ended in 1991. Personal life Nellie graduated from a college fight school. She later perused her dream of being an pilot and went on to be the first deaf woman pilot. The was also apart of creating the 19 9's. This organization was Nellie's Accomplishments
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