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The Indian In The Cupboard

By: Julie, Peilin, Mikayla, Lauren, and Christiana

Cindy Powell

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of The Indian In The Cupboard

Figurative Language:

Internal and External Conflicts:
the indian in the cupboard
By: Christiana,peilin, lauren, julie and mikayla W.
Omri gets an indian and a cupboard for his birthday.

Initiating event:
Omri uses his mothers special key to lock the indian in the cupboard.
Climax: Little Bear shoots Boone and Omri loses the key to the cupboard
Falling Action:
Little Bear gets an indian wife named Bright Stars, Boone and Little Bear become brothers and Omri finds the key to his cupboard.
Rising action:
The cupboard brings the indian, whose name is Little Bear, to life and
Omri's friend Patrick brings a cowboy, whose name is Boone, to life.
Omri turns Bright Stars, Little Bear and Boone back into plastic.


Nonplussed: Perplexed; I was nonplussed when he showed me the magic trick
Tomahawk: an ax; I used the tomahawk to chop down a tree
Flummoxed: confused; I was flummoxed by the math problem
Gesticulating: making gestures while speaking; I was gesticulating while I was presenting my report
Tourniquet: a device that stops the flow of blood; I used a tourniquet when I was bleeding

Omri assumes all indians ride horses pg 32/41
Omri assumes that all indians live in teepees pg 27/35
Omri assumes that becoming blood brothers is an indian custom pg 167/209
Omri assumes that all cowboys are tough pg 87/108
Interpretive questions:

Why didn't Little Bear freak out when he was told that he was plastic?1. Little Bear believes in magic. 2. Little Bear always thought that he was human.
Why did Little Bear want all the horses when he's not even used to riding them?1. little Bear was greedy. 2. Little bear wanted to try something new.
Why didn't Little Bear blame Omri for making him bleed? 1. Little Bear knew that the horse was the one who kicked him. 2. Little Bear didn't know it was Omri who caused the accident.
Cry Baby
Little Bear
Strong Willed

"It was like watching the long hand of a clock moving only the strongest concentration enabled them to detect the faint motion." pg 156/195
"He stood in the doorway looking at the shambles of pulled-out drawers, degutted cupboards, and furniture pulled awry." pg 142-143/177
"Omri's mouth hung open. He thought he was going to be sick." pg 137/171
"He looked back at Boone swiftly, and his blood froze." pg 150/186
"Little Bear, meanwhile, stood beside the pallet-bed on which Boone was lying, staring down at him, still clutching the key in his arms." pg 164/203

External- Omri was mad at Patrick when he brought the cowboy to life and showed the principal.
Internal- Omri didnt know if he should turn Boone, Little Bear and Bright Stars back into plastic or not.
"Suddenly, though, a thought-like a landscape lit up by lightning-flashed to the forefront of Omri's brain." pg.157/196 ;Simile
"Over the top of it Boone hung, head down,as limp as a piece of knotted string." pg.150/187 ;Simile
"A strange sort of guilt burned inside him as if he swallowed a very hot potato that wouldn't cool down." pg.16/20 ;Simile
"She grabbed Patrick with one hand and the other boy with the other and kind of dangled them at arm's length like a pair of cats." pg.118/147 ;Simile
"He thought back to the time, only a few days ago, and he had fondly imagined it was all going to be the greatest fun anybody had ever had. Now he realized it was more like a nightmare. pg 129/161 ;Simile

Omri assumes all indians eat meat pg 18/22
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