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Super's theory

No description

Dana Young

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Super's theory

Life Span 1. Growth
2. Exploration
3. Establishment
4. Maintenance
5. Disengagement Life Space Nine Major Roles
1. son/daughter
2. student
3. leisurite
4. citizen
5. worker
6. spouse/partner
9.pensioner Self Concepts Applications Career Development Assessment and Counseling (C-DAC) Super's Life Span, Life Space Theory Cara Miller, Megan Hoyer, Dana Strand Adult Career Concerns Inventory (ACCI) Career Development Inventory Salience Inventory Pie of Life Activity Values Scale (VS) 4 theaters
1.the home
2. the school
3. the workplace
4. the community Sources Niles, S.G.&Harris-Bowleby, J.H.(2013) Career
Development Interventions in the 21st Century,
4th ed. Boston: Pearson. careersnz. (2012) Donald Super
Developmental self-concept. retrieved
from www.careers.govt.nz Simon Fraser University Library (n.d.)
Time Management for Graduate
Students: Your Pie of Life. retrieved from http://www.lib.sfu.ca/sites/default/files/11399/Pie%20of%20life%20exercise.pdf Hartung, Paul J. (2013). The Life-Span, Life-Space
Theory of Careers. In S. D Brown Steven & R. W.
Lent (Eds.), Career Development and Counseling:
Putting Theory and Research to Work. 2nd Ed. (pp
83-113). Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc
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