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Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong

No description

Keosha Adams

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong

Summary of Events
Sweetheart of Tra Bong begins with Rat Kiley telling a hard to believe war. The story to the author and Mitchell Sanders. The story involves a soldier shipping his girlfriend to Vietnam. Kiley was known for his exaggeration so the soldiers were skeptical about whether it was true or not but they stilled listened. The solider that shipped his girlfriend to Vietnam was named Mark Fossie and his girls name is Mary Anne. Mary Anne was a 17 years old, with big innocent blue eyes. She also had blonde hair and a perky attitude. She wore White culottes and a pink sweater. Mary Anne and Fossie were very much in love; they grew up together and knew that one day when the war was over that they would get married and have kids. At the time Kiley was stationed in the village of Tra Bong with 8 other men who ran the emergency and trauma care station. It was very laid back and according to Kiley there was “virtually no security”. They were there with six Green Berets that were stationed there from the 1960’s. They called
these guys Greenies. They were not very social and also very sneaky.
End of Summary
One night Fossie fell asleep unaware of where Mary Anne was. When he woke up early in the morning he began to panic wondering if she was sleeping with another solider but when he and Kiley looked around she was nowhere to be found. Later on she came in after spending the night with the Greenies. Fossie was extremely upset and after they spent that night talking, the next day she was a different person. Soon Fossie planned for her to leave and one night she left with the Greenies and never came back. On another night Kiley and Diamond (another solider) found Fossie in front of a gate where the Greenies lived and inside they saw Marry Anne. She was completely transformed. She wore her white now dirty culottes and her pink sweater. Mary Anne also had a necklace with dried tongues all around it. She looked like a part of nature and refused to come back with the soldiers. Fossie was broken hearted and he realized that he lost her. After that day Marry Anne was never found again.
Questions & answers for chapter.
Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong
Summary cont..
Questions cont.
5. Where does the reader learn that Mary Anne has been on the night she disappears?
The reader learns that Mary Anne has was sleeping with someone on the night she disappeared.
6. How does the author foreshadow that Mary Anne will go out on an ambush with the Greenies?
The author foreshadows that Mary Anne will go out on an ambush with Greenies by saying how she changes the way she dresses and by giving the details about she likes to stay out late.
"her eyes fixed on the dark" "Twice,through, she came in late at night. Very Late".
7. What changes take place in Mary Anne's appearance and demeanor after her conversation with Mark Fossie?
Mary Anne begins to change from her outgoing, innocent self to a more withdrawn individual. What happened to her, Rat said, was what happened to all of them. You come over here clean and you get dirty and then afterward it's never the same.
8. How does Mary Anne respond when Mark Fossie suggest that she think about going home?
Mary responds to Mark Fossie suggesting that she thinks about going home by arguing that she is content staying. She even makes plans to travel before she and Fossie marry.
9. Why does Fossie wake up Rat Kiley one evening?
Mark Fossie, realizied that Mary Anne was missing so he wokes up Rat Kiley. They both searched but did not find her.
10. Where does Fossie think Mary Anne is? What doe Rat Kiley find when he checks the bunks?
Fossie thinks Mary Anne is with somebody. Rat Kiley checks the bunks and find every one all accounted for, no extras. No Mary Anne.
When Mary Anne first arrived it was obvious that Fossie and her were in love. They held hands, mooned over each other, and laughed over private jokes. According to Kiley it was “almost disgusting”. Marry Anne soon became extremely comfortable, she was very curious about how things worked so she asked many questions and would help the medics with everything she could. The soldiers saw the innocence in Marry Anne drifting away as she fell in love with the war. She stopped wearing cosmetics, she stopped filing her finger nails, and she stopped wearing jewelry. Marry Anne cut her hair real short and no longer cared about hygiene and Fossie was still so in love with her he didn’t care much about her change.
1. What type of reputation does Rat Kiley have among the members of Alpha Company?
The type of reputation Rat Kiley has among the members of the Alpha Company is described as “exaggeration” and “overstatement”. Although his stories were partly true.
2. Who are the Greenies? How does the narrator describe them?
The Greenies were green berets that had been in Vietnam since the 1960's and stayed there thorughout the war.The Greenies were not social animals. The narrator describes them as secretive, suspicious, loners by nature.
3. Identify at least two qualities the narrator illustrates about Mary Anne Bell.
Mary Anne is a 17 year old girl with blonde hair and big blue eyes
4. How does Mary Anne's demeanor change after she arrives in Vietnam?
Mary Anne's demeanor changes because she felt curious and like she was where she belongs.
Keosha Adams, Johnisha Brown, Kya Davidson
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