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Agenda Setting Theory, Framing and Gatekeeping

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Brittany Jansen

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Agenda Setting Theory, Framing and Gatekeeping

Agenda Setting Theory, Framing and Gatekeeping
Framing Theory
The episodic framing (also known as the issue-attention cycle) is related to the agenda setting theory in the sense that is sets the topic for discussion.
Gatekeeping Theory
Gatekeeping is the process in which a news or media organization decides which stories will be published or broadcast.
How is this different from censorship?
Agenda Setting Theory
The Agenda Setting Theory suggests that the media-whether intentionally or not- sets the agenda for public debate and discussion.
Presentation by Joseph Giraldi and Brittany Jansen
Passive Agenda- Setting Theory
The passive agenda-setting theory states that the media picks a topic but does not try to persuade you what to think about in regards to that topic.
A good example of this, often hard to find, is a new station or paper that is completely unbiased. This means that their only agenda is reporting the news not forming opinions.
Active Agenda-Setting Theory
the opposite notion
The media wants to tell you what is happening and how you should feel about it.
FOX and MSNBC are two of the most biased news providers.
States that the media sets the agenda for social debate, but the agenda is always changing.
After the Ray Rice incident with his fiance, domestic violence became a hot topic in the media. The NFL launched a large anti-domestic violence campaign and every major news organization referenced the incident at some point.
thematic framing
episodic and thematic
episodic framing
Recent controversy in Ferguson involving Michael Brown has sparked large scale media coverage across the country. For several months it gained widespread attention. However, recently, media has moved on to other issues such as the Charlie Hebdo incident.
The difference between gatekeeping and censorship is that censorship is a decision that is made by a governmental body rather than an individual organization.
Gatekeeping is used in multiple circumstances and some uses include determining whether a specific story is newsworthy.
TMZ will cover a news story that other stations will not.
What is theory...?
"A supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained" (Google, dictionary).
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