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Darius the Great

No description

Thomas Horner

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Darius the Great

Likes Darius the Great News Feed: Background Religious Views Political Views Groups Began his reign by making revolts in the eastern half of the empire
,Organized empire into provinces and appointed royal governors (satrapies) to govern it
Worked on construction projects that were mainly focused on Susa, Babaylon, and Egypt
More of an organizer than a conqueror Zoroastrianism Trade and Commerce Events Gold Darics


My inscriptions

Religious Freedom

Persepolis. Firm believer of Ahura Mazda
Believes that Ahura Mazda appointed Darius to rule the Persian Empire 522 BC Darius, with six others, murders Smerdis and Darius is selected king.
516 BC Babylon rebels against Darius.
514 BC Darius retakes Babylon, with the help from Zopyrus.
512 BC Darius makes war on the Scythians
499 Ionian Rebellion breaks out in Miletus, and spreads to all of Asia Minor.
494 Ionian Rebellion is brought under control Construction Groups Instagram Darius the Great #TEAMDARIUS 4 comments 200 likes Statue of me is looking pretty good! 100 likes 20 comments Me doing my thing! About me : Hey I am Darius I and through my great intellegent leadership and successes I have become known as Darius the Great :) I have preformed in many different militay operations but I also like to be known as organizing my empire and my great building projects. I care a lot about my people and the Persain empire so if you need to contact me just message me :) Quotations Darius I (Darius the Great) was a great Persian king, he led his empire with many achievements and military operation, with some loses, he also was known for being a great statesmen and organizer for his empire. "Force is always beside the point when sublety will serve." "I am more or a statesperson and organizer of the governement." Darius' status and news feed would probably be based around the way he is organizing his empire and his great building projects. His status' would also be based on some of his military accomplishments. Born - 550 BC

Died - 486 BC

Relationship - Married

Parents - Hystapses

Middle Eastern
Member of the Achemenides famile
Distant cousin of Cambyses II Work - Darius I was born into royalty and after succesing Cambyses, he was king of Persia. Statuses - About to go to war with the Sythians! #TEAMDARIUS #TeamBowDown
-Just built the awesome city of Persoplis! Who wants to come take a visit and party it up?! 40 comments 300 Likes 20 comments 400 Likes - Just appointed the royal governers to carry out their orders in each province! Hope I chose wisely 30 Likes
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