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Kenez Kun CV with prezi


Kenéz Kun

on 27 September 2017

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Transcript of Kenez Kun CV with prezi

Email Address
City, State
Kaposvar, Hungary
University of Kaposvar - Media and Communication
I am a pro user in the following programs: Adobe Premier Pro, Cool Edit, Word.

I can work in a team, i can fit in easily in a group because I'm playing basketball more than 15 years now. And basketball is about team chemistry, logic and to help each other to reach the top. Everybody has to know what are their role in the court.
Right now I'm looking for a job where i can show my talent, my skills. I want to do something important, something healthy in my life and with my life. I'm young, I'm brave there are a lot of potentials inside me, i just want a chance to prove it. Nothing else just a chance. In hungary we have a saying:

" Teher alatt nő a pálma" which is in mean

"A smooth sea does not make a skilled sailor"
Diploma, Communication specialist
Marketing, journalism, video and sound editing,
economics, communication,
They main courses were :
Work Experience
February 2014 - May 2015
Project assistant
- web desing
- softver development (web based online english teaching site)
- documentation
June 2015- June 2017
- Selling the products
- Giving advices
- Hunting for new costumers
- Complain handling

Magyar Tréning Oktató Központ
Sharma Ethnic Couisines at Malta

September 2012 - August 2013
- Bartender
- Mixer
- Waiter
I know a lot about mobiles, tablets, laptops, electronic devices. I hate it
when the devices around us are not working like they has to be, so
when i got a problem with them, I always trying to find the solution no matter what does it take.
I got my intermediate language certificate in may 2015
My name is Kenez Kun, i'm 28 years old.
Right now I'm unemployment. Before this unfortunately situation i worked for the Telenor mobile telecom company as a salesman. My priorities were to sell and introduce innovations, mobiles etc. to the people, and teach them how to use it in the weekdays. If you want to be a good salesman, you have to be patient, you have to listening to the costumers, and speak with them, ask them about what is important for them what they want from this product. Where were for the people not people were for us. I like to work with peoples, specially if i can meet with new ones from different countries, different culture. When i lived in Malta, i loved my job at the restaurant, because i met a lot of different peoples, from around the world. You have to walk with open mind.
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