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When By: Victoria Laurie

No description

Katherine Ellis

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of When By: Victoria Laurie

When you first come in contact with someone, what do you first take note on? Their hair, teeth, or clothing? Or maybe you first notice their personality? For Maddie, she first notices the date written across the person's forehead. This date happens to represent the day they are doing to die.
When would you want to know?
Why you ask?
I chose this book because I like the idea of being able to do super natural things. This interests me because I know this is not possible but when I read it seems to come alive in my head.
"My heart started to pound. I'd never seen numbers that soon on someone so young and healthy before. For a minute I didn't know what to do. She hadn't asked about her youngest son, but how could I
tell her, when the kid's death date was so close? I decided to tell her-maybe this time it would change things. Pointing to the picture again, I said, "Mrs. Tibbolt,
his death day isn't like your other
kids'. It's much sooner."
Mrs. Tibbolt's eyes widened,
but she kept her tone level.
"Oh? How much sooner?"
"It's next week""
(Laurie, page 12)

Whether she considers it a gift or a curse, Maddie can see the death date of anyone she comes in close contact with. When her father passes away, she uses her talent as an extra source of income: by identifying paying consumers with their death date. After the son of a recent customer dies on the exact date Maddie predicts, she soon becomes the main target of the FBI's investigation on the murder of Tevon Tibbolt. Will Maddie be able to convince the FBI agents of her special talent or will she be convicted of the murder of Tevon and other mysteriously dead children?
By: Victoria Laurie

Science Fiction/ Mystery
This excerpt shows the mistake that Maddie makes in order for her to become the FBI's main target. If she didn't tell Mrs. Tibbolt the death date of her son, she would have escaped the trouble. Even though I would have done the same thing as Maddie, it would have saved her a whole lot of time and stress.
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