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AIEC 2013

Twitter, AdWords and Virtual Fairs: student recruitment in the world of 2013

Elissa Newall

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of AIEC 2013

Twitter, Adwords and virtual fairs:
The face of student recruitment in 2013?
Learn what is popular

Get feedback from the ground:
professional development
new frontiers for regional managers
Integrate digital into country plans

Support existing activity
Adapt an old strategy
Try something new

How well are your ads performing?
Are conversion rates above or below expectations?

Brand / reputation
Who links to your website?
How is your brand represented by agents online?
What is being said about your institution in social media?
Get data
Google Analytics
Facebook Insights
Social media monitoring
Advertising campaign reports
CRM / Hobsons
Data files from web forms
Admissions reports
Define the goal
Brand exposure
Brand engagement
Conversion rates
Conversion costs
Quality of conversions
Moving on from dabbling to strategic engagement raises some key challenges:

Cutomising digital marketing to support different markets, channels and cohorts

Managing a shift in resource allocation from offline to online

Measuring effectiveness

Changing role of regional managers

Extending skills to deal with a constantly changing landscape
The challenges
Digital and traditional marketing both have a place

Trends are towards a 50:50 split
Financial Resources
Measuring success
Be clear on the purpose of each digital channel
Measure the right thing
Act on what your data tells you
Top tips
Current students
Staff (inc academics)
Everybody plays a part
Digital expert
Regional Manager
Online supports every channel
Top tips
Include activity for each channel in country plan
Strategies for dealing with shrinking budgets: put more $ into online
We've come a long way in 10 years
Role depends on:
Take aways
Revisit your country plan now. Schedule a review every 3 months.

Define your digital goals. Get buy in.

Develop your skills. Follow an expert.
AIEC 2013
Bronte Neyland & Elissa Newall
Understand the recruitment cycle for each channel

Plan for the whole student journey
Fail fast = learn fast
Update your plan every 3 months
Top tips
Elissa Newall
Bronte Neyland
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