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Walker Smith

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Buddhism

Timeline of
Where are Buddhist
Art work
Buddha is the center of the religion. Everyone tries to live like him to find happiness.
Walker Smith
August 31 2015
Buddhism was created by a man called Buddha around 500 B.C. Today there are 400million Buddhists in the would. Buddhism is mostly practiced in Myanmar, Thailand and Indian. The Buddhists call their beliefs Dharma or Buddha. When Buddha died followers split into different schools that taught their own way of Buddhism.
Buddha is the focal point of Buddhism the religion tells you how to be. Buddha is the wise man on which the teaching of Buddhism are based. People have followed this religion for thousands of years.
500 B.C.E Buddha was born
480 B.C.E, Buddha travels to find the meaning of life
400 B.C.E Buddha died
400-314 B.E.C people collect Buddha's teachings
250 B.E.C Buddhism begins to spread to other countries
538 B.C.E Buddhism spreads to Japan and Korea
12TH century CE Buddhism almost disappears from India
1930 Buddhist comes to America
1907 First Buddhist society in Britain founded
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Religious symbols
Buddha is a really big figure in the religion of Buddhism. He is the one who established that religion in India
1935 Tenzin Gyatso,the 14Th, born. He became the present Dalai Lama, the leader of Buddhists.
The eight spokes of the wheel of dharma tell followers what to follow in life. It is a very significant . religious symbol.
The above is a stone figure of Buddha. This figure reminds people of the Eightfold and the Four Nobles.
Buddhists place of worship
Buddhists temples are a place worship as well as a place of where shrines are kept. The shape of the first temples built had domes or stupas and were very large. However, Buddhism is a very peaceful religion that does not depend on temples for worship. Also,
Buddhists do not have a book like the Bible to read and study. Buddhism has scripture that does not have a name.
Religion Beliefs
In Buddhism, you have the Four Noble Truths which are 1) Dukkha, 2) Samudaya, 3) Nirodha and 4) Magga. This religion is more based off of a code you follow. also in Buddhism you have the Eightfold path or spokes Dharma: right understanding, right meditation, right mindfulness, right effort, right work, right action, right speech and, right attitude. Buddha would travel and taught Buddhism throughout India.
informational Essay of books
Buddhism is one of the oldest religions still practiced. Buddhism is a peace full religion the people that study it go by a law they follow.
Historical impact
Current Events
At one time in India people where Buddhists and a big stone figure of Buddha. the site is now destroyed and not much is left but it shows how much people where dedicated to the religion
Buddhist Rescue tiny fish from a tiny river that mite help in their next life. because the river will dry up in the next to years.
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