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Drools Grid Introduction and Current Work April 2010

salaboy salaboy

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Drools_Grid_PlugTree_042010

Drools Grid Key Concepts Implementation Demo Key Features Decoupled Execution Different Environments for Different Requirements Focused on Performance and Scalability Different Implementations
for Different Scenarios One Single API Grid Semantic centered on ExecutionNodes ExecutionNodes They will host our
Knowledge Sessions Each of them provide
a set of pluggeable Services * KnowledgeBuilder Factory Service
* KnowledgeBase Factory Service
* DirectoryLookup Factory Service
* HumanTask Factory Service
* Your Custom Factory Service Factory Services Environments Local Remote Same JVM Apache Mina Rio Project (client/server architecture) (true grid architecture) Implementation Rio Project + Demo Demo Time!! Questions? twitter.com/salaboy
salaboy.wordpress.com Future Work Multi Technologies Implementations for
Remote and Grid environments Passivation/Activation Mechanisms Drools Specific SLA's Agenda Grid Simple Use Case Hospital Patient Check In Beds Vital Sign Monitoring Pulse Monitor Events Temperature Monitor Events Grid Specific SLA's Business Specific SLA's Conceptual Goals Knowledge Based Community Based on Knowledge Agents Hetereogeneous Grid of Knowledge Single API Different Connections Service Definitions + SLA's Things that we have in mind from
the RIO side (Gnostic) Provide a flexible way to create multi
service SLA's using Drools Expert and Drools Fusion Goal: Create an intelligent grid (Grid 2.0) Provide rules that makes the grid smarter From the Drools Side We need to complete the implementation We need to define how we want to
manage the session lifecycle We need to create a mechanism to handle events
(Event Proxies and Routing)
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