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Sex With 17 People in 60 seconds

No description

Russell Duncan

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Sex With 17 People in 60 seconds

Sex with 17 people in 60 seconds *
Aim Strategy Benefits
To create viral talk-ability in the core market about Chlamydia
To relate a serious message in a palatable way that’s taken direct
to our audience, honing on the hard to reach Male 16 – 24.
To show tangible results of our audience seeing and consuming the message, and driving them to get tested.
* Type it into Sex with 17 people in 60 seconds*

“Sex with 17 people in 60 seconds” is a sensational headline to drive 15 to 24 year olds to a vodcast hosted you Youtube. The vodcast explores the concept of how unprotected sex with just one partner could have exposed them to over 15 other people and their potential infections. At the end of the vodcast we offer call to action directions for
testing information, as well as key points about the testing
procedure to dispel myths (The infamous umbrella)
The key to viewership is driven by interest
as opposed to investment.
It’s a viral approach.
The content is 100% target focused.
Over 76% 16 to 24 year olds would view the vodcast, over 84% in the hard to reach Male audience.
It’s measurable. Youtube allows up to keep an exact count of
how many people view the video, it also allows
comments to be left so we can get a gauge the
feeling of the audience.

It’s innovative… And a bit daring…
We’re pushing the boundaries. Plan Comissioning - April 19th Final script - April 25th Cast - May 3rd Film / Design - May 6th Post Production - May 13th deliver - May 15th Go live -May 26th.
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