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Library Catalog / Library Databases : What's the Difference?

A visual explanation of the differences between our Library Catalog and the Library's databases

Lauren Blanchard

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Library Catalog / Library Databases : What's the Difference?

Library Catalog / Library Databases :
What's the Difference?
Understanding Key Resources
at Nutting Memorial Library The first step: Know what you need. The
Library Catalog The
Library Databases Search them to see
articles, abstracts and citations of:
- Books
- Scholarly and trade journals
- Newspapers
- Magazines
- DVDs
- Sound recordings
- Government documents then... locate the item in the Library to look inside (Not sure?
Try searching
in more than
one place!) Search it to see
titles and descriptions from:
- Scholarly and trade journals
- Magazines
- Newspapers
as well as:
- Encyclopedia content
- Industry and company information then... read (and email, and save, and print, and cite) and request if you've found a citation or abstract
for an article that is not available in full-text... Let us know!
You can ask for the item via InterLibrary Loan. Don't need any of those? Your search will be much more successful So, you're all set! ...well, sort of. But we did say "Databases" - as in, more than one. if you keep in mind that the Library offers many databases If it helps, think of the Library's
collection of databases as a mall and remember that different databases cover different subject areas. and think of the databases as the
stores Just like
those stores, Of course,
if you have questions
about where to search, or how to use the Library's catalog
or databases... We're here to help! email
library@mma.edu visit the Library email
library@mma.edu chat @
library.mma.edu/chat text your questions to
207-209-1653 or call
207-326-2263 some databases
are highly specialized while other databases
are more generalized. Thanks for watching!
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