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Effective Internet Searching with Google

No description

Ashley Knapp

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Effective Internet Searching with Google

Other Search Engines besides Google
Wolfram Alpha
Evaluate a Source
Look for the following:
Publishing Body or server
Accuracy and objectivity
Footnotes and bibliographies
Outside Reviewers
Online Citation Creators
How it works -
Blended results – “Page ranking” and instant
Different types of media automatically present itself

Some Facts
Case does not matter “new york times” is the same as “New York Times.”
Punctuation is usually ignored
Every word does matter and is included in the search, Google will look for hits on each word separately
Advanced Searching Tips
Teach students ways to use the regular
search by having them practice in advanced.

Advanced searching allows students to learn
how to:
narrow searches using keyword phrases and quotation marks - Tiger Woods and "Tiger Woods" are not the same search.

how to subtract terms from a search. If you want to find information on tigers you could subtract anything about the golfer by putting -golf in advanced search.

Also you can search specific sites, file types or domains - pdf files, newyorktimes.com or .gov or .edu

search by current dates and reading level (advanced, intermediate and basic)
Use Advance Search to:

teach students how to more
effectively search in standard

to search by specific file types,
domains, or reading levels

to subtract topics irrelevant to
your specific search

to search by specific phrases or
by specific dates.
Research Guides as a Tool
A new trend in research, especially at the college level is an organized research guide designed specifically for a particular course or a specific unit.

Currently, our Library Media specialist has created a libguide for your college prep writing class. Use this site to research your bridge creations - follow the link to that site below.

Effective Internet Searching
All Advanced Search tools have
a shortcut in the regular search bar.
Parts of Google function like a regular search engine and parts are original and known only to those who work at Google.

Most relevant pages to your search appear at the top because of “bots” that follow links around the web.

Calculated by a “Page ranking” algorithm that uses search words occurring on the page, + 200 other “signals” Google uses, including pages most viewed by others searching this topic and now social media cues called "filter bubbles" that personalize searches to you.
Some tips and strategies for making internet searches more efficient
Google automatically comes up with related searches
Page ranking algorithms put most relevant finds at the top of your search
You can turn off personal searches
Helpful Tips for Searching
Use words that would most likely appear on the page you are looking for. Ex: instead of typing “ my head hurts “ type “headache”

Describe what you need in as few words as possible, all of these words are searched for and some can be unrelated when separate.

Choose descriptive words that pull your topic apart from possible related ones.
Google can be an effective tool - teach students how to use it correctly
because they are going to use it anyway.
Google Custom Search
You can create a custom search engine for students and then embed the code on to your website for students to search from there.
Advanced Image Search
You can also use an advanced image search that allows you to
search by size, color and usage rights.
Use the gear
to get to
advanced search
or search
the term
"92% of adults use search engines to obtain information" - this is real world.
Source: The Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Tracking Survey, 2011.
You can open a Google Document and research on the same page - go to the "Tools" tab and click "research"
Google Research Pane in Google Docs
Kids Click

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