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Member/Supervisor Workshop 2012

No description

Charlette Kremer

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Member/Supervisor Workshop 2012

AmeriCorps Member and Supervisor Workshop Charlette Kremer - Program Director
Judy Bittick - Regional Office Manager
Barb Syska - Program Specialist
Jana Mansfield - Regional Program Assistant
Ellen Thompson - Financial Technician
Kaitlin Cushman - Office Assistant
KariAnn Cerovski - Office Assistant Welcome and Introductions Idaho AmeriCorps Programs Include:

Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute
Student Conservation Association Salmon-Challis National Forest
Idaho Healthcare for Children and Families
Veterans Helping Veterans
Lewis-Clark Service Corps Agenda
Welcome and Introductions
Intro to National Service and LC Service Corps
Review Host Site Handbook
2012-2013 Performance Measures
Snapshot of the AmeriCorps Program Year
Position descriptions
Prohibited Activities
Roles and Responsiblities
Questions Corporation for National and
Community Service Intro to National Service Name
Site Name and Location
Member - How you serve at your organization
Site Supervisor - Your position Participant Introductions Foster Grandparents
Senior Companion Program
Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Senior Corps AmeriCorps
State and National
AmeriCorps*VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America)
AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) Serve Idaho - The Governor's Commission on Service and Volunteerism 19 member commission appointed by the Governor AmeriCorps National Direct Programs in Idaho
CLEARCorps Idaho AmeriCorps
Student Conservation Association of Idaho AmeriCorps
Idaho Community HealthCorps AmeriCorps Introduction to
LC Service Corps Based at Lewis-Clark State College
First grant in 1994 as Idaho TRiO AmeriCorps - continuously funded since.
In 2002, merged with Treasure Valley AmeriCorps Consortium and renamed Lewis-Clark Service Corps In 2012-2013 we: Recruited, trained and placed 96 full-time members and 18 part-time members

Serve organizations in 28 communities

Provide members to 69 host sites from Bonners Ferry to Idaho Falls 2012-2013 Performance Measures Tutoring 6,300 students will begin to receive tutoring from an AmeriCorps member
4,725 students who begin to receive tutoring from an AmeriCorps member will attend a minimum of 50 sessions
3,500 students will display improved academic performance in the tutored subject as indicated by improved scores on standardized tests. Mentoring 50 mentor/mentee matches will be commenced by the AmeriCorps program
40 mentor/mentee matches will be sustained for at least 10 months
30 mentees who are in mentor matches for at least 10 months will experience fewer disciplinary referrals or suspensions. Miscellaneous 50% of K-3 students tutored will maintain or improve IRI scores
55% of K-6 students tutored will show improved math skills
General academic improvement
* 85% of K-12 students
* 70% of grade 7-12 students
* 75% of adult learners
* 55% of others The AmeriCorps Program Year December: Grant submitted to Serve Idaho
January : Grant submitted to CNCS
February: Serve Idaho Conference (12-13)
Host site applications available
Site visits Lewiston/Boise areas
Member Temperature Checks
March: Host site applications due
National AmeriCorps Week
April: Sites selected and notified
Member recruitment begins
Site visits Under Scrutiny from CNCS Position Descriptions Position descriptions drive the AmeriCorps members' direct service
Quarterly reviews of AmeriCorps programs
Certify that activities align with approved grant Issues Identified Clerical duties assigned to AmeriCorps members. This is not allowable.
Lack of clarity of the AmeriCorps member's role that raised concerns about displacement.
Lack of clarity about what people recruited as volunteers by AmeriCorps members would be doing.
Lack of clarity about the community impact or benefit that service produces. Review position description Are you providing direct tutoring and/or mentoring services one-on-one and in small groups?

Are you performing any prohibited activities?

Have there been changes to the position description since you submitted your host site application? If yes, please note the changes and provide a corrected description.

Make sure all staff who interact with or supervise AmeriCorps members understand the members' roles and duties. Host Site Commitment For a detailed summary of host site provisions and requirements, please refer to your Host Site Handbook. Weekly contact with members Please plan weekly meetings with your members.

Use meetings to assess progress toward agency and member goals; address challenges.

Assist member with reflection about their service. Member Hours Completion of service requirements: Agencies are responsible for ensuring members have enough service activities so they can complete required hours. Member Training Supervisors are required to help their members plan their service hours. Member Hours A minimum of 80% of member hours must be from direct service.
No more than 20% of member service will be spent in training or administrative activities.
Of the 80% of direct service, only 10% of that time may be used for fund-raising for service projects.* *Members may not raise money toward your organization's operations. Full-time members complete a minimum of 1,720 hours (~40 hours a week)
Part-time members complete a minimum of 920 hours (~20-25 hours per week)
Schools must help members plan for alternative holiday and spring break and summer service activities. Site provides ongoing direct service training
Please include members in on-site staff training. LC Service Corps Sponsored Training: Orientation
Mid-Service Training: February 12-13, Boise (Travel day February 11 for members outside Treasure Valley. All member meeting that evening.)
Monthly AmeriCorps Team Meetings: 2-3 hours second or third Friday of each month. Required Supervisor Training New Supervisor Training (Returning Supervisor Training if necessary)
Via webinar: Week of May 1
Member/Supervisor Workshops
Via webinar AmeriCorps Visibility AmeriCorps Sign
Need a sign? We will mail one to you.

Member gear and name tag

Media relations/publicity/social media
Always mention Lewis-Clark Service Corps
Camera ready logo and slicks can be provided upon request Refilling a Vacated Position Slots can only be refilled if the member who terminates has completed less than 15 percent of his/her term.

Approval from LC Service Corps is required.

Sites will not be reimbursed any portion of the cash match if a member terminates more than 60 days after their start date. AmeriCorps Member Commitment Members are viewed as professionals in their capacity as AmeriCorps members. AmeriCorps expects every member to adhere to the following professional standards:

Be on time when scheduled

Call supervisor if tardy or absent

No unexcused absences - no excuses!

Dress appropriately, professional attire is expected

Follow agency rules regarding cell phone usage Complete required service hours

Complete all required paperwork

Participate in all required training events

Attend all monthly meetings Complete required service projects

Receive FEMA certification in emergency volunteer reception center management

Fulfill goals as established by host agency

Work toward completion of personal goals Host agency – NOT the AmeriCorps member – sets the site’s professional standards.
Supervisors - If you are unsatisfied with the performance or professional behavior of an AmeriCorps member, you need to deal with it honestly and openly, as you would with a regular employee.

Host agency supervisors are expected to deal with personnel issues and concerns as they arise. Alert the AmeriCorps office if you are worried about the professional behavior of an AmeriCorps member. Lewis-Clark Service Corps Commitment Support host sites and members during the year of service.
Open door policy
Address issues as they arise
Conduct site visits where possible

Provide an electronic version of the host site supervisor handbook (hard copy available upon request).

Train members in general K-12 and adult literacy and math tutoring techniques, mentoring methods, service-learning/civic engagement, AmeriCorps requirements. Monthly Reporting Service Logs: Supervisors are required on a monthly basis to review, verify, and sign AmeriCorps member online Service Logs

Monthly Data Reports: Members report monthly on the following items:
New students tutored or mentored
In-kind received from host site
Type of training received
Volunteer recruitment
Community service project participation Member Service Logs idaho.myservicelog.org

Username is your E-mail address
Password is system generated

Members track service hours in My Service Log weekly.
Supervisors sign-off on hours monthly.
Members sign-off on hours before supervisors approve. Service Agreement Hours or direct service hours include time spent where the end result will be working with the students and/or community where members serve.
Examples: Tutoring and mentoring, staff meetings at the host site, classroom and curriculum preparation, planning and implementing service projects, and recruiting and training volunteers. "Training Hours" include all required AmeriCorps or host site training and any time spent completing AmeriCorps paperwork. These hours are considered in-direct service hours. If members choose to volunteer at other sites:

Must have host site and LC Service Corps approval.
Are required to fill out a supplemental service log to document his/her time off-site.
Must have a designated supervisor at alternative site.
Off-site service hours are counted as “Service Agreement” hours in My Service Log.
They should NEVER interfere with a member’s commitment to his/her site.
Members may not count hours served with an organization where they might reasonably be expected to volunteer (i.e., coaching your child's sports team). Number of students served for the first time during the month. Resources provided to member by host site during the month. Value of in-kind resources. Names/hours host site staff provide supervision. Number of volunteers recruited for host sites Member and supervisor sign and date Community service project details Type of training received Progress Reports Supervisors are required to submit 3-4 progress reports during the year. Member Evaluations Supervisors are required to submit mid-year and final member evaluations. Evaluations will be provided by LC Service Corps office. Participant Evaluations Supervisors are required to monitor their members ensuring they obtain evaluations from teachers, students and/or staff about the service they have provided your agency. Evaluation example forms are provided by the LC Service Corps office. The Best Way to Have a Super Successful Year?? Open communication among LC Service Corps office, host site and member. Our staff is here to support you! We want to hear of the successes naturally, but also of ANY stresses that arise BEFORE they become huge issues. Did we forget anything?

Any topics you would like us to address?

Do you have any questions or concerns? IRI Reporting Due in May

Only members who tutor for IRI improvement
Monthly Data Report indicates as tutoring for IRI
Host site application indicates members will be tutoring for IRI Lewiston Office 208-792-2084
TTY: 800-377-3529
basyska@lcsc.edu Boise Office 208-472-3240
judy.bittick@boiseschools.org Watch for and read quarterly editions of Host Site Hotline Feel free to pass along to everyone
who works with or supervises
AmeriCorps members. Monthly member newsletter. Thank you for your support of
Lewis-Clark Service Corps AmeriCorps Type of training received Number of volunteers recruited for host site Community service project details Member and supervisor sign and date Host Site Handbook Tab 1 - What is AmeriCorps
TAB 2 – Host Site Information
TAB 3 – Member Information
TAB 4 – Team Meetings
TAB 5 – Service Projects
TAB 6 – Media and Publicity
Addendum May: New supervisor training
June: End of Year Celebrations Statewide
Grant award notification
September 1: Program year begins
September 30-October 4: Member orientation in Lewiston
October/January/May: Service projects Weekly meetings with members.
Provide ongoing training opportunities.
AmeriCorps visibility - post the sign, be proud of your members.
Showcase your member and Lewis-Clark Service Corps in the media every chance you get. Remember to include their activities in your social media posts - and identify them as AmeriCorps members.
Ensure 80% of your members' time is spent in direct service to students.
Provide reasonable accommodation to members with disabilities. Annual In-Kind Form
Due December 14
•Provide strictly clerical or administrative services for an agency

•Attempt to influence legislation

•Organize or engage in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes

•Assist, promote, or deter union organizing

•Impair existing contracts for services or collective bargaining agreements

•Engage in partisan political activities, or other activities designed to influence the outcome of an election to any public office •Participate in or endorse, events or activities that include advocacy for or against political parties, platforms, candidates, legislation, or elected officials

•Engage in religious instruction, conduct worship services, provide mandatory religious instruction or worship, construct or operate facilities devoted to religious instruction or worship, or engage in any form of religious proselytization •Provide a direct benefit to a business organized for profit; a labor union; a political organization; a nonprofit organization that fails to comply 501(c)(3) regulations

•Conduct voter registration drives or use Corporation funds to conduct a voter registration drive

•Provide abortion services or referrals Prohibited Activities May participate on own time, with own funds, and on own initiative.
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