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Spanish- American War


matt hixenbaugh

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Spanish- American War

Spanish American War Motives Economic Foreign Trade
- increased role in US economy
- exports tripled from 1870- 1900 Economic Depression
- 1893- 1897
- stock market collapse due to overbuilt economy
- Sen Beveridge
"We are raising more than we can consume...
making more than we can use. Therefore, we must
find new markets for our produce, new occupations
for our capital, new work for our labor" Frontier Manifest Destiny
- spread from the seaboard into a continental power
- viewed as will of God
Closing of the Frontier (1893)
- Historian Frederick Jackson Turner believed:
*Americans were uniquely adventurous, optimistic, and
democratic people
*Closing of the frontier as a potential threat to American
character and ideal Foreign Policy Strategic Importance of Caribbean
1- sphere of influence encompassed Latin America
2- Monroe Doctrine Historical belief in the desire to control sea
- Admiral Mahan, "The Influence of Sea Power upon History"
- All historial powers controlled sea
- Navy built to influence world
- Need a canal across Central America Public Opinion Growth in Religious Evangelism
- Many Christians believed in duty to spread God's word to foreign lands
- Example:
Methodist missionaries in China grew from 94- 783 between 1863 and 1915 Yellow Journalism
- Sensational Headlines in newspapers
- Appeal to larges markets
- Due to new economy of scale
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