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Session 3: Supporting Effective Family Engagement

Discussing, learning, listening, questioning, and trying so we can help schools engage families.

Barbara Boone

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Session 3: Supporting Effective Family Engagement

Schools Engaging Families
Framework for
Family, School and Community Partnerships
Issues with data collection from families
Overcoming the issues:
Make data collection (feedback) a regular occurence in newsletters, meetings, conferences, informal office conversations, phone calls, etc.
Let children be the motivators - friendly competition
Let parents see/hear about results of feedback quickly (be responsive)
Start asking for feedback from your earliest conversations
Personal invitations
Characteristics of Effective Family Engagement Strategies
6 Areas For Family Engagement
Learning at home
learning supports
Participation and Leadership
Leadership and Participation
Participation and leadership
Assessing Family Engagement Needs
Family Friendly Guidelines
Family Friendly Checklist
ODE Parent Survey
Focus Group Questions
PIP Questionnaire
Parent-Teacher Involvement Questionnaire
OCCMSI Parnet Survey
SEDL Parent Involvement Surveys
Engaging families to Address Climate issues
Partnering with families to help student academic performance
Family and Civic Engagement Plans (HB1)
A school memory
Decision Framework/Title I/Parent Survey
Educational Quality
HB 1
Family and Civic Engagement

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