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Antonin Scalia

No description

Jacob Liwag

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Antonin Scalia

Jacob Liwag
Period 7 ANTONIN SCALIA Antonin Scalia & His Life Was professor of law at the University of Virginia in 1967-1971
Chairman of the U.S. Administrative Conference in 1972-1974
Scalia was a Visiting Professor of Law at Georgetown and Stanford Universities in 1977-1982
Was Professor of Law at the University of Chicago
Nominated by Ronald Reagan for a Justice because Associate Justice Rehnquist replaced a retiring Chief Justice (was approved by senate unanimously 98-0) Professional Backgound Facts: Verdict: 6-3 Oregon Dept. Of Human Resources Oregon Dept. Of Human Of Human Resources V.
Smith (1990) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonin_Scalia
Marriage to Maureen Mccarthy on September, 10, 1960 when Antonin was 25.
Father of NINE (9) children (Ann, Eugene, John, Catherine, Paul, Matthew, Christopher, Margaret.
His nickname was "Nino" which is his grandfather's name.
Has been an asscociate of the Supreme Court Justice since 1986.
Born in Trenton, New Jersey
Was nominated to be a Justice by Ronald Reagan. Educational Background First college Antonin studied in was Georgetown University in 1953 (1953 was the first year the Georgetown Hoyas captured a NIT berth in NCAA mens basketball)
Earned a Bachelor's Degree in History and summa cum laude in Georgetown University
While at Georgetown, Scalia also studied in Switzerland for the University of Fribourg.
Final college Antonin Scalia studied at was Harvard Law School where he earned magna cum laude (a latin honor that translates "great honor") Oregon Dept. Of Human Resources V. Smith (1990) Alfred Smith and Galen Black were members of a Native American church and workers at a private drug rehablitation clinic
Smith and Black were fired from the clinic because they ingested a peyote, a powerful entheogen, for a religous ceremony.
Peyote was banned in Oregon at time.
Smith seeked unemployment compensation but was denied by counselors until Oregon Court of Appeals overturned for the freedom of religion was violated. Question/Issue: Was the statute that prohibits peyote and denies compensation to workers dismissed because of a peyote in violation of Alfred Smith's 1st amendment of free exercise clause? Arguements: Oregon Employment Division Freedom to act, unlike believe, cannot be absolute (limits on belief acts)
1st amendment does not prohibit regulation of conduct.
Govt. is allowed to regulate conduct, including religous actions. Arguements: Alfred Smith 1st amendment gives freedom to religion in all circumstances.
Religious liberty is an individual liberty that Supreme Court cannot encroach upon.
Denying compensation for a terminated worker due to the use of a peyote in a religious ceremony was upheld by the Supreme Court, 6-3 in favor of the Oregon Employment Division. Justice Scalia observed that religion does not excuse one from a valid law that is free to be regulated by the government. Scalia mentioned that if religion is an exception to the laws in a state that it "would open the prospect of constitutionally required exemptions from civic obligations of almost every conceivable kind." <- ARGUEMENTS -> http://blogs.ajc.com/jay-bookman-blog/files/2012/02/041220_SCALIA_hmed_1p.grid-6x2-300x228.jpg http://www2.maxwell.syr.edu/plegal/scales/smith.gif http://static1.businessinsider.com/image/506f6199eab8ea5b2b000009-300/justice-antonin-scalia.jpg http://www.c-span.org/Events/Encore-QampA-Justice-Antonin-Scalia/10737438235/ http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-oKUBLqftwUI/T-yc-9v7zwI/AAAAAAAABvo/dX0F1AAcB-w/s1600/scalia.jpg http://www.thebuckeyebattlecry.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/georgetown_logo.jpg
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