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Psychedelic Prezi

No description

Kevin Miranda

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Psychedelic Prezi

Finally Psychedelia is an experience that has left all of us positively benefited from the old rebel movement. It is tough to say that art from this era can be recreated manually or digitally on par to the same quality because over time, our influences have changed, so has the legal allowances on the subject of availability of psychedelic substances. The Combined Past Psychedelic Visual History In the past when the psychedelic culture came into being, the effects and the ideals were very mixed up. And so were the people. There was not a clear definition between the good and the bad, yet whoever was hooked was a little bit of both. The Music Evaluating on relaxed lifestyle of the hippies and concluding on the effect of the most used drug of the time is can be easily witnessed that hallucinations were used as motivation and inspiration for the music and lyrics written in 60s.
Bands such as Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and The Beatles, which are most popular nowadays, can be found a range of different demonstrations, which suggest a straight prove that those groups were using hallucinogens. Their work can easily show people what state of mind hippies had and the overall life style that they led.
However their experience led to a greatest innovations in music and mind perception. The Negative Present
There are many reasons why some children and young teens start smoking marijuana. Most young people smoke marijuana because their friends or brothers and sisters use marijuana and pressure them to try it. Some young people use it because they see older people in the family using it.

Others may think it's cool to use marijuana because they hear songs about it and see it on TV and in movies. Some teens may feel they need marijuana and other drugs to help them escape from problems at home, at school, or with friends..We still don’t know whether smoking marijuana causes lung cancer like tobacco does, but strong evidence shows that it does other bad stuff: It interferes with thinking and memory, it can lower your IQ if you smoke it regularly in your teen years, and—as a result of these and other things—it can set you up to miss achieving your full potential in life.` The Art Psychedelic Art in the 60's was probably at its most purest and dedicated forms since the hallucinogens used at the time was most authentic and mostly mass produced. Lead to excellent effects such as these. Positive Present Psychedelic Art has also seen a number of positive effects on popular culture and the current art scene as a whole. Thanks to the rich past that we now call the 60’s , several well referenced psychedelic elements can be recalled and this has brought in new facets into our current perception of the arts.
Psychedelia is an experience, now clearly having a positive and negative side in distinct separation from each other. The Positive effects have been that:
Psychedelic Culture has influenced a number of musicians to write good (new) material so as to benefit the music industry as a whole. Also Psychedelic Rock has led to the creation of 14 different sub genres of music which evolved from psychedelic experiences.
Mixed Past Positive Present Negative Present The 1960s, Psychedelic art was a trend that attract a number of attention. Looking at the different art styles from 50 years ago, one could actually see the influence of psychedelics from sculpture to installation art. Part of the counter culture, people started experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs such as Marijuana, Psilocybin (Mushroom), Mescaline and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)
Thank you!
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