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Unit 7: Product Service Mix

No description

Tiffany Bentley

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Unit 7: Product Service Mix

Unit 7: Product Service Mix
Determine factors that affect product/service planning strategies.
Evaluate product mix strategies.
Examine the phases of the product life cycle.
Analyze the factors affecting product/service planning.
Product Service mix: The number and kind of products and services a general merchandise retailer will offer.

Essential Questions
How do you go about deciding to use a particular product planning strategy?
Why is it important to understand which factors sway price during the planning process?
Product Service Mix Basics
Key Terms
Marketing Mix

Product Life Cycle

Product Mix & Line

Brand Name & Logos


Some examples of the Product Mix:


Beauty Supplies


Some examples of the Service Mix:

Photo Development

Beauty Salon

Phone Service

Product planning

Product Length & Depth


A Brand Name, brand mark, trade name, trade character, or a combination of these elements that is registered with the federal government and has legal protection
Trade name

National Brands

Private Distributor Brands

Generic Brands

Mixed Brand

Brand Licensing

Brand Extension


Trade Character

Marketing Mix
Product Life Cycle
Product Mix
Product Line
Brand Name
Product Planning
Product Width
Product Depth
National Brands
Private Distributor Brands
Generic Brands
Brand Extension
Brand Licensing
Mixed Brand
Trade Character
Trade Name
Product Planning

The stages that a product goes through during its life.
All the different products that a company makes or sells
A group of closely related products manufactured or sold by a business.
Refers to the number of different product lines a business manufactures or sells.
The number of items offered within each product line.
A word, group of words, letters, numbers that represents a product or service.
A graphical mark used to identify a company, organization, product or brand.
Corporate brand; identifies and promotes a company or division of a particular corporation.
Owned and initiated by a national manufacturer or by a company that provides services and is distributed national.
Known as private brand, store brand, dealer brand, or private label, thia is developed and owned by wholesalers and retailers.
A product that does not carry a company identity.
A branding strategy that uses an existing brand name to promote a new or improved product in a company's product line.
A legal authorization by a brand owner to allow another company (the licensee) to use its brand, brand mark, or trade character for a fee.
A strategy that offers a combination of manufacturer, private distributor, and generic brand to consumers.
A strategy that combines one or more brands in the manufacture of a prduct or in the delivery of a service.
A specific type of brand mark, one with human form or characteristics.

Factors That Influence Product Planning
People: Decide who gets to decide.
Products: Identify what's in and what's out.
Process: Create an efficient method.
Key Tips for Product Palnning

Factors that affect product planning

Product Development Stages
Tiffany Bentley
Jordan Dobbs
New Product Strategy Plan
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